10 Crazy Tips To Become Viral on Facebook

Going viral refers to the number of unique people who see some posts from a story that is published by a friend. This story comprises of comments, likes, responses to an event, sharing and answers to any questions. All businesses want more views, more traffic, more subscribers, interactions and followers for their online presence. If they have something that goes viral then it can easily get huge customers following in just a short span of time and without much effort. A viral Facebook post is something that all digital marketers dream about and is totally free. The next section highlights some secrets that can help you go viral on Facebook.

Content should not Be Boring

For going viral, you definitely need something unique. So, the content of your post should not be boring or similar to what is already present on other sites. Make people excited or offer them some things that force them to think. Do something that affects their feelings. If your post is some kind of story, make it inspiring, powerful and moving. Use a tone that is real and authentic. Its quality can be like casual conversation but it has to be touchy. It is assured that if you use these things in your post it will go viral within no time.

Focus on Current trends and Events

If any post is current then people would be interested in it. People love new content and often such content is viewed over and over again by many people. Therefore you need to check latest Google trends and its news section. You may also want to look for keywords as they are vital for your post to get discovered. Just like Google, Facebook’s search bar also gives options about the types of phrases and keywords you type. Be sure that your ideal keywords are in headlines, text body and in the description. You can get tags and information about keywords through different available online platforms.


Post your content on different online platforms like YouTube and Twitter and start driving huge traffic to your site. This can be done from anywhere and will provide the opportunity for people to share the content. It is important that you never forget to integrate this content. For instance, once you have posted a video on YouTube, you should integrate it on other social platforms as well to enhance sharing.

Get Noticed by Some Celebrities

Celebrities have massive audience and so the Facebook content often goes viral just because a celebrity shares or comes across it. Unfortunately, getting attention of celebrities is not an easy task but still you can do this by the quality of your content. If your content has something which they require, they will definitely notice it and in this way you can get their attention. This is a positive sign for posts or product promotion.


There are no guidelines on how your content must look in order to go viral. So you can use any of the unlimited ways. One of them is the use of videos, which are the biggest part of web. If you have uploaded any video on Vimeo or YouTube and it is easy to discover by others, people will do the entire task of promotions on their own and they will share it in all other social networks.

Start Some Contest

Contests are the best way to grab the attention of people and interact with most of them. They spread words about something easily and fast. Facebook offers different questions that can be answered to grab the attention of many readers. Similarly, on a particular web page, you can hold contests about the best picture or any best information shared. This will attract lots of comments and likes and as a result make your post go more viral. In most social media campaigns, these contents are of extreme importance as they enable current viewers to engage with new people.

You may also hold an event where you invite different celebrities who will make your event even more powerful and resourceful.

Shocking and Controversial

In order to go viral, you may want to surprise your audience by comments and likes on controversial issues. This works best if you are the kind of person who does not mind being liked or hated. When seeing the content sparks the emotions of people then they will naturally want to promote it in order to see the reactions of other people. Bad or good, both cases are possible in going viral.

Use Humor

It is a fact that people come to social media sites for fun. They love laughing and feel happy to share anything that is funny. So, all those who have creative knack of comedy can use it to grab the attention and viral sharing of the humor. Use funny images and videos are recommended.

Use Images

As we all know, the average span of a general web surfer has gone down. Thus, you have a better chance to grab people’s attention by using bold photos and photos with big block text. Facebook offers this service and makes the photos look large in news feed. You can also use different online tools to make your post more authentic and appealing.

Submit to Reddit

If you can come up to the first page of Reddit then you can certainly get thousands of viewers. You just have to submit your post in the Reddit and other people vote it down or up. If the post gets maximum votes it will surely get published at the front of Reddit. This task is a bit tricky and it is suggested that you take your time to interact with the Reddit community before posting your links into it for self-promotion. After that, if your post gets at the front, it will certainly get viral not only on Facebook but also on other social media sites.

In short, a post on Facebook or any other social media can be viral but you have to apply the correct strategies as mentioned above. The use of above-mentioned strategies is recommended since they are proven to be the best.

3 Easy Steps to Get SEO Friendly Domain Name


How do you make the right choice when you decide to buy a domain name? A domain is a company’s virtual identity and one of the basic parameters that need to be defined when creating a website. When choosing to buy a domain name, it is important to make the right choice in a SEO sense because this will definitely affect the overall website success.

The domain enables the creation of the identity for your website. It enables for easy search – easy finding of your website. It enables your website to be connected with the business sector. An appropriate domain will be priceless for the website business’ success because the domain name will affect the website’s position in existing and popular search engines.

To ensure website success, it is good to keep in mind at least the following three basic rules:

1) Keep it short – the domain name should be short and simple so that users can memorize and type it easily. It is good if the domain name ranges from around 10 to a maximum of 67 symbols. The name can contain letters, numbers and hyphens.

2) Keep it plain – don’t use hyphens if you don’t have to because it complicates the domain name both visually as well as when telling it to someone.

3) Be different – try to create a unique domain name, one that users will connect with you. Choosing a company name can be a good choice. Example: fastfood.com isn’t the same as bestone.com.

We need to think deeply once we buy a domain name. Generally, a domain name is around 7 symbols (letters, numbers and hyphens). A domain name is a linguistic design according to Christopher Johnson from Smashing Magazine. A good name is important for website design. The name has an important role when people discover, memorize or search for a specific website. The name also determines the website branding process even before the first users visit it. This is why domain name choice requires strategy, imagination and the ability for linguistic design, explains Johnson.

The other important point is TTL. It would be better choose to select your domain TTL ‘.com’ as well as ‘co.UK’ if you run your business in the UK. You might select one of them as a main website of your company. In this way you will be able to use the most famous TTLs (.com) and your local TTL (.co.UK).

8 SEO Trends In 2016 | All Bloggers Must Read This

Google takes quality seriously…

In the previous years, the greatest search engine on the planet has announced various updates aimed to expand the overall quality of their search results. This has made it much harder for SEO’s around the globe to rank websites today rather than earlier years.

Here are a few greatest changes we may be expecting this year:

1. More stress on the mobile audience

Google began to put a higher emphasis on their mobile audience when they brought out the mobile algorithm upgrade in April 2015. After the algorithms take off, we’ve started to see greater varieties between the mobile search results and desktop search results.

As mobile internet usage forges ahead, we can hope to see Google stretching their endeavors to better serve their mobile users. So it’s more imperative now than any time in recent memory to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile.

2. Enactment of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Notwithstanding a focus on the mobile users, we can likewise foresee that having AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages will be geared to win higher organic traffic. This is owing to Google announcing they’ll start to incorporate AMP in Feb. of 2016.

This implies AMP pages themselves could surely get a boost in the mobile search results.

3. Higher straight search answers

In case you’re a persistent Google user, you’ve presumably seen that Google frequently gives you the answer you look for right there in the search results.

For instance, how about, we review the Los Angeles Basketball Squad, the LA Lakers.

That is to say, all that I have to know about the team is available forthwith in the search results. With a brisk search, I got details about their latest game, team schedule, news updates., etc.

This is called Google Knowledge Graph. That way Google has enhanced their overall user experience.

Here’s what you can do to help place your site in the Knowledge Graph:

• Set up a Wikipedia page for your business.

• Set up a Google+ page for your business.

• Ensure that you’ve legitimately administered schema markups

• Tie Up with other pertinent and related websites.

• Ensure that you utilize nouns and entities rather than pronouns to allow Google to better recognize what precisely you’re talking about.

4. Higher importance to trust and authority

Over the previous decade, the web has grown quickly. Presently, it’s much less demanding for Google to isolate trusted sites from non-trusted sites in view of the reputation built over numerous years.

Today, Google inclines toward aged sites which have demonstrated their trust over numerous years by getting numerous quality inbound links and offering huge amounts of valuable content.

The search results are mostly dominated by bigger brands with domains over two decades old.

5. Significance of building thematic pertinence

Notwithstanding the case above, you might be wondering how come Laptop Mag outranked the various sites despite the fact that it’s younger and doesn’t carry the kind of domain authority.

All things considered, Tablet Mag is the lone site out of the main 5 that entirely concentrates on Laptops particularly.

Why does this make a difference?

In 2015, Google announced a 160-page dossier which incorporated their Search Quality Guidelines. They expressed that supplementary pages are a critical variable in helping them identify a website’s overall authority.

In spite of the fact that other websites might rank for a more extensive range of keywords and get higher volumes of organic traffic, Google has discovered that Laptop Mag is the #1 authority to be at, for topics pertinent to laptop’s for example, laptop reviews.

That is on account of they’ve developed a high level of thematically pertinent topics identified with laptops.

6. Turning the heat on unnatural link practices

There’s most likely Google is going to keep on making significant crackdowns on spammy link practices. They even have a spam group committed particularly to doing only that.

What’s more, in the course of recent years, Google has made big leaps to taking action against wrong link building exercises. One of the most noticeable overhauls was back in 2014 when Google de-indexed individually owned blog networks. Soon after that upgrade, numerous individuals reported that their domains had been de-indexed.

7. Significance of website speed

That’s true! Site speed is a critical ranking factor. Assuming that your site performs much snappier than your opponents’ websites, you’ll have an edge over them.

Moreover, Google has a crawl budget assigned for every website taking into account their site and authority. This implies crawl budgets get wasted owing to long load times.

8. Additional push for user experience

With rivalry hotting-up and Bing gaining higher share, it must be obvious that Google will need to give their users a superior user-experience; truth be told, Google is just on a par with the website’s it has in its index.

To conclude, In 2016, and up and coming years, creating a quality website that gives worth to users will be a more vital variable in SEO. As an SEO specialist and one of the best SEO resellers around, I attempt to invest some time examining and foreseeing Google’s patterns so I have a better idea of how to map out and work out for up and coming SEO projects. What’s more, with 2016, I anticipate more changes principally spinning around quality and user experience.

Improve Your Reputation with Personalized Live Chat

Remember those days in the late nineteen nineties when the Internet was in its infancy, websites took a century to load, and the only way you could deliver top flight customer service was either through a Hotmail email account or on the phone? We have surely come a long way in the past two decades not only in the realm of customer service in general but also in the broader context of an all-encompassing Internet presence in particular. Live chat has, for instance, seamlessly transitioned from Yahoo chat rooms to millions of customer centric websites where it is regarded as the front runner among all the major customer service channels. Here are three ways in which you can leverage the power and potential of live chat software to personally connect with your customer communities not just only during the live chat session but for many years to come based on a sustainable relationship which you can and should develop with all your customers:

Personalize the Live Chat Experience

Every live chat interaction between your chat agents and your customers usually starts with a short pre-chat form. This form typically asks for the customer’s first name and an email address. While the email address is a valuable asset to your CRM arsenal inn that you can use that email address for sustained customer engagement through an opt-in process, the first name provides your chat agents with an excellent opportunity to personalize the live chat interaction. Address your customers by using their first names during the course of the communication. You can also consider commencing the conversation with a welcome message and a reference to the city from where the chat has originated assuming this feature is active in your live help application.

Example: “Hi Mike, this is Daniel from (your company’s name). How is the weather in Seattle?”

This will put your website visitor at ease instantly and set the stage for a really productive dialog. Your customer will take full cognizance of the fact that there is a real person on the other side of the magic window and not a prosaic computer simply auto responding to their chat messages.

Send a Thank You Note

Use the email address your chat visitors provide you to send out a personalize thank you message once the chat session concludes. The message can include:

– An opt-in link for a newsletter or an alert sign-up
– A link from where your customers can download a copy of the chat transcript for reference purposes
– A Call to Action (CTA) with an offer

Integrate Live Chat with your CRM

If you are currently using a customer relationship management application (CRM) such as SugarCRM, Salesforce.com, RightNow, or one of the products from the big guys such as Siebel, PeopleSoft, SAP CRM or Microsoft Dynamic CRM, ask your live chat software company if they have an app that integrates their application with the CRM solution of your choice. One of the key advantages of this integration is that it will help you personalize your chat communication further by providing your live chat operators with access to phone records, chat records, purchase history and any other data your CRM is set up to capture, classify and categorize.

Spruce up your Visitor Chat Window

Your live chat agents can not only personalize the user experience through targeted communication but can also connect with your customers through visuals. Encourage them to use smileys and emoticons provided to the by your live chat service. The picture of the agent or an avatar can also add that personal touch to the entire experience.

According to a consumer trends research study conducted by ATG Global, 90% of customers believe that live chat is beneficial to them in achieving a positive and personal user experience. Implement these personalization tips and you will notice a visible increase in the number of customers who will award you a remarkable customer rating the next time you go out to survey them.

Enhance Multiple Income With Facebook Video

What are people using the Internet for? After social media and email, people are spending many hours per week watching online video. Businesses have taken notice to this trend and are beginning to push out their own video content. This has also given rise to social media marketing companies and Internet marketing agencies that offer video marketing services. Combining social media and video marketing can be very useful for driving traffic and user engagement.

Think about it this way – if most people are spending hours on social media each day and like to watch online video, doesn’t it make sense to post videos to your social media profiles?

Facebook Rolls Out Video Features

You were always able to upload video content to your Facebook wall, but Facebook recently rolled out a number of tools that would enhance this feature. For one, there is autoplay, which was a genius move on their part. It also has metrics and other tools that you can use to make it easier to distribute video content.

Surprisingly, few small business owners have taken advantage of Facebook video for marketing purposes. If you didn’t already know, video happens to get the most attention on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook did something clever – they tweaked their news feed algorithm so that it would show videos more often. What did this do? Facebook now averages over four billion video views daily.

If this isn’t music to your ears, then you’re completely missing the point. There’s never been a time where producing and distributing video was so easy and affordable.

Facebook’s autoplay feature was released in 2013 and has since increased views, likes, shares and comments by 58 percent. A view is counted if the person watches for at least three seconds. So if you’re able to capture the attention of your audience for at least three seconds, then it’s very likely they will continue. And if you can get people to complete your videos, then you’re more likely to convert them into buyers.

The following tips are oftentimes used by companies that offer social media marketing and management services:

  • Your videos should be able to tell the message or story with and without sound
  • The first frame of video should grab the attention of viewers
  • The content should be relevant and contextual
  • Great content to use include customer testimonials, product reviews, behind-the-scenes clips and content generated by users
  • There should be a call to action, letting viewers know exactly what you want them to do next – buy, click, subscribe!

With the help of social media marketing companies, you can improve your online video campaigns and successfully advertise them on Facebook and other social networks.

10 SEO Checklist 2016 That You Must to DO

The goal of successful SEO is to obtain a high ranking in the organic search results of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Higher website rankings mean more traffic, more traffic means more costumers and more sales.

Do you want to improve organic traffic, drive leads and improve your position in search engine results? This SEO checklist can help.

Competing for top rankings in the search engines involves two elements:

  • On-page – Optimizing and improving what is on your website pages, including Technical factors.
  • Off-page – Measuring and improving things are that are happening beyond your site, such as the number and quality of links coming into your site from other sites.

Do your homework before creating your content?

For optimization purposes, you should have one, or at most, two target keywords or key phrases in mind per page. If you are trying to rank well for four or more keywords on a single page, it’s time to step back and consider breaking up the content into several different pages so you can create page focus.

The main purpose for your content, in search terms, is answering the searchers queries.

Now that you’re ready to begin, the checklist below will guide you in creating the perfectly optimized page. No single factor on the checklist is make-or-break for getting your page to rank well, but they work in combination to raise your overall score – Google looks at more than 200 key factors when it ranks every page.

On-Page optimization, and technical factors

  1. Title – (Meta Title)
    Your title should be different for each sub-page. Your Keyword or key phrase should always be included in the title.
    The title must not exceed 60 characters (since search engines rarely can display longer titles in searches).
  2. Description – (Meta Description)
    Your description should be unique for each sub-page, and shortly describe what’s the page´s about. Your keyword or key phrase will need to be included herein.
    The title must not exceed 156 characters long (since search engines rarely can display longer titles in searches – each can display 160 characters).
  3. Headings – (Heading tags)
    Headings are also called H1, H2, H3 and is simply your headlines, the way your include those highly dependent on the platform your shop or website is made of.
    Each webpage should have at least one or more Headings. Your keywords or key phrases should to be included here.
    It is highly recommended not to have more than 30 Headings on one webpage. Search Engines could see more than 30, as spamming.
  4. Body – (Text content)
    The body is simply the text content on each of your pages. Each text must be unique. Just as you should not “copy paste” from other pages or texts from the web, since you could be penalized by the search engines (Google) for “duplicate content”.
    Your keywords should be included in both the Title, description, Headings and in the body.
  5. Images
    Optimize your images for the web – Before you upload and insert your images in a webpage or web shop (so they are not huge, and take an eternity to load in browsers).
    Of course, a full-sized banner image will need to have more pixels. However, even these should preferably not be more than 100 KB in size, and small images should preferable be under 10 KB.
    Remember to name the images; Do this with either a Title-Tag, Alt-Tag and/or description.
    Name the images – so it fits with the content of the image, and if possible, use your keywords to name it.
  6. Social Media
    Are your brand/domain represented in the Social Media? – The importance and benefits of social media are huge. You gain both authority, links as well as being in contact with a variety of possible customer – All this can positively affect your ranking signals to Google and other search engines.
    If not represented – Then start with placing social sharing buttons on web shop / website, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Create a company Facebook page, Google My Business page etc.
  7. Speed
    Loading speed – is it fast or slow? Fast loading speed is a benefit – Not just for the web user, who may not have the same patience to wait for your page to load, as yourself, but also for Google (and other search engines) that can penalize your site if it is not speed optimized proper.
    Speed optimization consist of several factors among other: Gzip compression, cache of images, web pages etc., optimized images, optimized HTML, CMS, Plugins, JavaScript and code in general.
    Check your website’s speed by Google Speed Insights – Your page should preferably have a score above 70.
  8. Mobile Optimized
    Mobile optimized website. More and more people are surfing via Mobile or iPad; therefore, it is important that your pages are Mobile Optimized. You can check this in Google Speed Insights.
    Make sure that your “buttons” are large enough to press through your phone. If they are too small, they can be difficult to use.
  9. Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and canonical
    It is important that you have a Robot.txt and Sitemap.xml file included on its website or webshop, this helps the search engines and their “Robots” when they crawl and index your website.
    A Sitemap is a map over your website. Be sure to make a link to your Sitemap at the bottom of your page (Footer) on all pages. Note! Some Web platforms generates a sitemap automatically, you might want to check if your page has a Sitemap by typing your page’s URL followed by Sitmap.xml.
    A Robots.txt file tell the search engines, what webpages they can index; is it allowed or disallowed to index. Check if your page has a “Robot.txt” by writing your page´s URL followed by robot.txt as it should be there. Avoid Duplicate Content and different versions of your site by inserting “Canonical tag” – Read more about the use of Canonical tags at Google.
    If in doubt, contact a SEO company and get them to look into it for you.
  10. Links – Off Page SEO
    Do you have inbound links? Incoming links to your domain and individual webpages is probably the most important “weapon” when you have to tell the search engines that your domain is more important than the competitor’s is. When used right, the link gives your domain authority.
    Check your competitor’s link profile, and get an insight in “what it takes”, to go past them on searches (in combination with On-Page SEO). You can talk with a SEO Specialist about this.
    To build a good, solid Link Profile is something that takes time, and you can make some links yourself, but I recommend that you contact a serious and professional SEO company or SEO Specialist and consult him.

Following this checklist will result in an optimized page and domain for ranking well in searches.

ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting :: 8 Crazy ASP.NET Components That You Must Know

Most professional, powerful and complicated websites for now are based on micro soft technology NET framework. It is the safest platform for bank sites, corporate websites and so on. Sure, ASP NET is more complicated then using CMS or word press engine. But if you are a developer, or want absolutely protected site with the wide field of abilities which will be fully customisable – net developed website is for you.

However, the web master also may use some of open templates for creating and development of ASP NET website. And there is no need to be a developer or technical specialist in that case. And it is possible to use already developed ASP NET components for your site’ needs. So web master has full range of possibilities to get a professional NET website.

Get Component NET development team offers various customs made ASP NET components that are able suit all of your needs as a web master. This will help you to make sure that your website is one of the best in the Internet. Our team of NET developers has managed to make the following ASP NET components:

Web Full Duplex – great ASP NET component, which will help you to make good 2 way data transfer integration. Our product will help you to do that more safely and fast. It will also help you to make sure that all of the applications that are running on your website will work faster.

Web Hint – one of the best products that Get Component NET development has originated and it will allow you to make hints to all asp.net controls. The main reason for the creation of that product is the fact that all of the default controls give limitation and are poorly designed. Our product will give you the freedom to customise them on your own.

Web Image Zoom – this product will help you to present pictures and graphics with zoom feature. It is quite useful if you are looking to create a gallery in your website.

Web Multiple View – with the help of this ASP NET component you will be able to replace the standard Multiple View component. It will help you to reduce the page size, the loading time and will allow you to switch between different various types. It is made using AJAX technology and it will help you to get all of the benefits from it.

Web Splitter – it has similar features like the Microsoft Windows Splitter, but they are improved by our web developers, which will allow you to have more freedom using this application.

Web Tab – is absolutely customisable ASP NET component, which will allow you to control the tabs of your website.

One J Panel instance – it is coloured red in preceding snapshot – and serves as the content pane for application frame. And this content pane makes use of top to bottom Box Layout for laying out the contents, and empty border to put five pixels of the space around them.

Two instances of custom J Panel subclass that is named Conversion Panel – and colored cyan – are been used to have components & coordinate communication between the components. All these Conversion Panel panels have titled borders that describe the contents and enclose these contents with line.

ASP.NET MVC 6 Tutorial :: Creating Routes With ASP.NET MVC 6

ASP.NET MVC 6 Tutorial | When using MVC 6, you don’t create your Route collection yourself. So in this tutorial, I will show you how to create routes with ASP.NET MVC 6.

You let MVC create the route collection for you. And now, write the following code:

using Microsoft.AspNet.Builder;
using Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection;
namespace RoutePlay
public class Startup
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)

The ConfigureServices() method is utilized to enroll MVC with the Dependency Injection framework built into ASP.NET 5. The Configure() system is utilized to register MVC with OWIN. This is what my MVC 6 ProductsController resembles:

Notice that I have not configured any routes. I have not utilized either tradition based or property based directing, yet I don’t have to do this. If I enter the request “/products/index” into my browser address bar then I get the response “It Works!”:

When you calling the ApplicationBuilder.UseMvc() in the Startup class, the MVC framework will add routes for you automatically. The following code will show you, what the framework code for the UseMvc() method looks like:

public static IApplicationBuilder UseMvc([NotNull] this IApplicationBuilder app)
return app.UseMvc(routes =>
public static IApplicationBuilder UseMvc(
[NotNull] this IApplicationBuilder app,
[NotNull] Action<IRouteBuilder> configureRoutes)
// Verify if AddMvc was done before calling UseMvc
// We use the MvcMarkerService to make sure if all the services were added. MvcServicesHelper.ThrowIfMvcNotRegistered(app.ApplicationServices);
var routes = new RouteBuilder
DefaultHandler = new MvcRouteHandler(),
ServiceProvider = app.ApplicationServices
// Adding the attribute route comes after running the user-code because
// we want to respect any changes to the DefaultHandler.
routes.Routes.Insert(0, AttributeRouting.CreateAttributeMegaRoute(
return app.UseRouter(routes.Build());

The AttributeRouting.CreateAttributeMegaRoute() does all of the heavy-lifting here (the word “Mega” in its name is very appropriate). The CreateAttributeMegaRoute() method iterates through all of your MVC controller actions and builds routes for you automatically. Now, you can use convention-based routing with ASP.NET MVC 6 by defining the routes in your project’s Startup class. And here is the example code:

using Microsoft.AspNet.Builder;
using Microsoft.AspNet.Routing;
using Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection;
namespace RoutePlay
public class Startup
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)
app.UseMvc(routes =>
// route1
name: "route1",
template: "super",
defaults: new { controller = "Products", action = "Index" }
// route2
name: "route2",
template: "awesome",
defaults: new { controller = "Products", action = "Index" }

I hope this tutorial works for you!

HostForLIFE.eu ASP.NET MVC 6 Hosting
HostForLIFE.eu is European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on Windows Platform only. We deliver on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes. We have customers from around the globe, spread across every continent. We serve the hosting needs of the business and professional, government and nonprofit, entertainment and personal use market segments.

Killer Effect of Image Post in Increasing Traffic

Retailers are finding it difficult to develop automatic methods of linking crowdsourced photos to relevant products having kept retailers from integrating the same to other websites and apps. Retailers are banking on social media and the pictures sourced from the channels and the personal interactions are driving sales.

Launch of intelligent visual search engines

With the proliferation of a varied set of visual search software that helps in driving the capabilities offered by Google search, users can snap photos and search for similar products rather than going through thousands in every catalog. As users snap photos and even earn commissions especially of their followers who go to these retail websites, the shopping patterns are changing.

People have not resorted to visual shopping in a very big way but surely there have been huge inspirations of image-based sites that work well. Many big retailers are eyeing the differentiator to get an edge over the competition.

Some companies have leveraged existing research on human visual cortex to push the capabilities of image based search software. The software helps in object identification even at a distance and even prompt the user to make a purchase based on their personalized choice.

The Science Behind Visual Search Engines

Eight neuroscientists spent seven years researching extensively on the human brain before adapting the image recognition capabilities for the fashion industry. Now the software is even going a further step to guide a buyer to buy matching shoes to their wardrobe along with accessories.

Leveraging the large user base of Pinterest and Instagram, one could use the technology to drive sales through the popular portals. Also utilizing the technology gives added benefits of demarcating one’s identity in the market compared to other players who are still going through the staid process of e-commerce.

One can generate revenue by receiving commissions especially when someone clicks through apps redirected towards a retailer’s website. Mobile retailing is growing tremendously in this regard. The growth in the value of payments is expected to be huge in the next five years. Even artificial intelligence-based solutions are being implemented for boosting visual online shopping recommendations.

Shopping with a difference

It’s tough finding clothes or shoes if one cannot find similar stuff that one prefers. Shopping online can become a hassle if one has quite clear interests and choices. The crowd then moves to traditional stores to make the purchase.

Tech-savvy millennials are the biggest target for fashion retailers but the problems most of them face is that they cannot exactly describe or pinpoint choices in text. To redress this problem, various artificial intelligence-based solutions are helpful for carving out smart visual recommendations, and are becoming popular.

Cracking visual search is one of the biggest drivers for the e-commerce world. Visual search start-ups have managed to get users to discover similar products online, based on photos themselves. A visual-recommendation engine based on personal choices, is one of the most important engines for retailers to possess as it churns out relevant recommendations to users based on their experiences and choices.

Visual Search in Consumer Applications with Derived Intelligence

Many visual search companies now are attentive to the demands of multiple verticals. Help both consumers and businesses to make noted and data-driven decisions is key to the growing nature of online buying and even mobile buying.

– With a technology that can translate natural images, videos, and the like, the biggest factors influencing fashion can be pointed out and even sorted out.

– The derived intelligence will make smarter recommendations to consumers who are scouring for products and also to set suggestions to various fashion buyers and even retailers based on consumer-searching data.

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ASP.NET State Service Tutorial : Implementing State Server Session In ASP.NET

In this article, we will show you how can we implement “state server” session state management technique in asp.net

Bellow are steps for implementing “State Server” session management technique.

  • Add configuration in of Web.Config.

<sessionState mode=”StateServer” stateConnectionString=”tcpip=″/>

Here, mode=”StateServer” means session mode is “State Server”. Other modes are inproc, SQL server & custom.
stateConnectionString=”tcpip=″ means session state windows service is running on (this is same machine where I am running my application as well as service. If you are running windows service on other machine then put that machines IP) on port 42424 (this is default port on which service runs. This can bechanged in registry).

  • Starting “StateServer” windows service

Go to services (gor to Run => services.msc) & find “ASP.NET State Service”.

Change startup type of“ASP.NET State Service”to “Automatic” & start the service.

This configuration is enough if you have state server on same machine.

You might get bellow error if you are using other machine for storing state.

“Unable to make the session state request to the session state server. Please ensure that the ASP.NET State service is started and that the client and server ports are the same. If the server is on a remote machine, please ensure that it accepts remote requests by checking the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\aspnet_state\Parameters\AllowRemoteConnection. If the server is on the local machine, and if the before mentioned registry value does not exist or is set to 0, then the state server connection string must use either ‘localhost’ or ’′ as the server name.”

To solve this error follow bellow steps

  • Go to machine where windows service is running.
  • Go to registry (Go to Run => regedit)
  • Go to this path -> “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\aspnet_state\Parameters\AllowRemoteConnection”

  • Change Value of parameter “AllowRemoteConnection” from 0 to 1.

Here you also change port number as well by changing Value of “PORT” parameter.

  • Now restart windows service.

Hope fully after doing this error will be gone & you will be able to implement “StateServer” session management technique successfully in ASP.NET.

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