5 Crazy Hidden Tricks to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

These are super easy to pull off, yet so effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not using them sooner…

LinkedIn: See Restricted LinkedIn Search Results

When you search for people on LinkedIn, you might not see the search results you’re looking for. This is because results can be restricted based on your membership level.

But there is a way around this… The majority of LinkedIn profiles are indexed on Google. Thus all you have to do is search Google to find what you’re looking for, like this:

Site:LinkedIn.com “name of person”

And let’s say you’re looking for social media managers in New York. Type this into Google:

Site:LinkedIn.com//pub “social media manager” New York

Now you can find the information LinkedIn is hiding from you. Sweet!

Twitter: Send Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters

No, we don’t mean send readers to another site to see what you have to say. We’re going to keep our readers right there on Twitter by doing this:

Send out your tweet just like normal, ending it with a (… ) or a cliffhanger. For example,

“Did you know you can send out a Tweet that’s longer than 140 characters? First you tweet like usual. Then… “

Reply to your own tweet from your own stream. Seriously. Remove your @name so you don’t look like you’re talking to yourself (which would be weird!) Like this:

“… you reply to your own tweet in your Twitter stream. Remove the mention of your name and finish your tweet.”

Visitors see either tweet in your stream, click on ‘view conversation’ and see the full length tweet.

Facebook: Reduce Attack Posts and Salty Comments

The Internet can be a rowdy place, especially in social media. But if you go to the Page Moderation section of Page Settings, you’ll get some relief.

Simply enter common inflammatory words such as “unlike,” “clickbait,” “idiot” and so forth. Then when a banned word is used, the comment will be hidden from the general public.

The comment still appears to the person who left it who is none the wiser. And their friends will be able to see it as well, but no one else.

You can also hide comments from trolls after they’re posted. The troll will still see the comment, so unless he compares his account with someone else’s he’ll never know the comment is hidden.

And it’s better than deleting the comment and banning the troll, since they’ll then email you and complain you’re stepping on their freedom of speech.

YouTube: Research What Viewers Want

It can be difficult to move viewers off of YouTube and onto your website. But now you can use YouTube cards to poll your audience and find out what they really love.

Ask the right questions and you’ll discover what will make them go to your website and opt-in to your mailing list. Then simply present them with the strong call to action they need, and they’re yours.

Any Social Media Platform: Vastly Increase Your Social Media Followers

Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S) is basically forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other people in your niche.

You post each other’s content with a reference back to them. Sort of like emailing your list to tell them about another email marketer (also called a solo ad) only it’s done reciprocally on social media.

And it costs nothing because you are doing it for each other.

But what if you’re new to the platform? If you have social clout on other platforms, you might do a cross promotion in which you promote them on your established platform and they promote you on your new platform.

And the best thing about this technique is it works on any social media platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth.

There you have it – 5 genuine social media hacks that can make a real difference in your marketing. Pick your favorite and start using today.

4 Main Reasons That Cause Your Website Ranking Is Low

According to Gunjan Singh (internet marketer) article, Needless to say, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial for the ranking of your website. It can be only possible if your website has an attractive design, quality links, unique content, Meta tag, title, description and so many things which are loved by the search engines.

Google change its algorithm in a short span and if you want to be on its top of the first page, so, you have to make sure all your actions will put on a right direction. Before you make a plan to increase the ranking of your website it is very important to know the actual root cause of the problem.

Don’t worry; here is a list of reasons which will let you understand why your website is ranking low and how you can fix it.

Poor Keyword Selection

One of the common reasons behind your website ranking is dropping consistently is the wrong selection of the keyword. A keyword is the main ingredient of your SEO strategy; it is the phrase which helps the users to search your products and services over the World Wide Web.

It will even help the Google to categorize your business from others. Therefore, you have to be very careful while picking the keyword for your website and for this you can even take the help of tools available over the internet or intranet that helps you to analyze and pick the right keyword.

Your Website Isn’t Spider-Friendly

Another reason behind its low ranking is that your website is not spider-friendly. To make it spider-friendly you have to take so many efforts so that you will get the results what you are looking for your business.

For this, you need to use a reliable server, consistently update yourselves and keep an eye on your XML Sitemap make sure they are error-free.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Do you have a mobile-friendly website? No? Seriously! Google, the world’s most popular search engines say a mobile-friendly website is a must, which you cannot overlook anyhow. To fix this problem and to increase your visibility over the internet or intranet switch to responsive design now.

Your Website Content Quality Is Low

Content is an important ingredient of your website which either increases or decreases its ranking and put a very wrong impact on a customer’s mind.

If the quality of your content is too thin, so it may drop down the ranking of your website. Therefore, make sure you always use rich and quality content.

Increase Your Website Rank In Less Than Six Months with These 4 Steps

Based on Jovia D’Souza (internet marketer) in his article, The success of your website lies in the number of views that it gets and its visibility in the result pages of top search engines like Google.

It is indeed a tough task to figure in the top search lists of Google, but if you know your basics and stay updated about the latest trends in the online marketing industry, you can make your website a huge success.

Do you want to improve the page ranking of your websites and get more people to view it? Do you want to increase your web traffic within a short span of time? The following tips will help you in this process.

1. Excellent content

While it is true that search engines like Google use their own set of algorithms that one needs to satisfy to get improved ranking,

it is also true that no amount of technological sophistication can beat the simple beauty of excellent content. Ensure that your website is loaded with high-quality content that speaks about the nature of your business in very simple terms, so that even a layman can understand the same.

For every business, there are different keywords defined by search engines. Do a complete analysis of these and use your business – related keywords naturally in the content so that you can rank your website quite quickly.

2. Link-building

One of the most powerful elements in SEO is link-building. You should ensure that your website has at least a couple or all of these links – backlinks, inbound links, internal links, external links, no-follow links and do-follow links.

The internet is replete with information about how you can link your site using these techniques to improve your page ranking.

Getting the professional help of a SEO expert is highly recommended as he/she would be aware of the latest SEO trends of link-building and use them accordingly in your site to improve your site’s visibility.

3. Social network

Social media is a very powerful platform today to express opinions and feedback. So, you need to make use of this platform fully well in order to boost your ranking within a short span.

Share your website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Squidoo and the like. Get people talking about your site and understand their opinions.

Take feedback in a constructive manner and incorporate suggestions of your target audiences, wherever possible. Always respond on time to their queries and complaints, so that you can build a good reputation for your site.

4. Email marketing

We should never forget our roots, shouldn’t we? So, while it is alright to adopt sophisticated strategies like the ones discussed above, let us not forget our old and time-tested online marketing technique – email marketing.

With this technique, you can reach out to a wide group of target audience with a single email, by creating templates.

With latest features in this, you can track the replies that you get from potential customers who are interested in your products or services. It is one of the best ways to have backups of communication that happened many years ago.

5 FREE Website Traffic Techniques for Beginners

Marketing is a bad word. At least, it is to many newcomers in the business world. Marketing can be costly. Worse, you can actually pay for marketing and find that it didn’t turn into a sale. It sounds a lot like gambling, and that can be scary to those who are just starting out.

Alas… I have good news. There are some free online marketing methods that you can use right now, which will bring you some immediate traffic. How immediate, you ask?

I have implemented some of these methods when I began blogging on a daily basis, and saw traffic within five minutes of doing them. The real question should be, are you ready to convert that traffic. That subject is best left for another article however.

Let’s take a look at the 5 immediate traffic methods for beginners:


The term blog-hopping means, to locate and comment on multiple related blog articles. You can locate blogs that are related to what you are marketing with some simple Google searches. You do not want to waste your time however.

The only way that this method results in traffic is if people reading it, and its owners are able to find you. That’s why you will want to stick to blogs that have the option to leave your URL in a field under your comment.

You can do the following search in Google to find such blogs:

“your keywords” +”leave a comment”

Change “your keywords” to your desired keywords or keyphrase, and make sure you include the plus sign and following phrase exactly as is.

Make sure there is no space between the plus, and the quotes so that Google knows you are trying to match the keywords that follow.

This search will bring up comments, many of which are using WordPress as their blogging platform. When you find a suitable article to comment on, you will need to make sure to avoid coming off as spam.

Your comment should be well thought out, and contributing to the discussion in some way. It is always best to read the article you are commenting on first.

This way, you will know what to say, and the owner of the blog will know right away that you are not a spam bot.

In addition, it is important to note that you should not advertise in your comment. Let the URL field do what it does best. That is the only place for your link.

Placing your link within your comment comes off as self-serving and can end up being rejected and possibly blocked from future commenting.

The blog-hopping method is one which can actually bring in traffic today. If you find that the blog article was written recently, and it has received other comments already, you can be sure that there is active traffic on the page.

If your comment was well-thought out, then readers are more likely to follow your link in the URL field and find out more about you.

Guest Blogging

The thing about guest blogging is that it can take time to be published once your article is accepted. This timeframe depends on many factors, such as:

  1. How many articles are scheduled ahead of yours.
  2. Publishing frequency of the blog/website.
  3. Popularity of the blog/website.
  4. .. and others.

Guest publishing on other blogs or websites is worth it though. A few years back, I published multiple guest articles on ProBlogger, as well as a list of other established blogs. ProBlogger accepted my lengthy articles, but it sometimes took a month before I would ever see them published.

When guest blogging as a traffic method, it is wise to diversify your portfolio as an investor would. You will certainly want to benefit from the popular blogs such as ProBlogger, but you need to pursue other blogs that are easier to get into as well.

The criteria you are looking for is:

  1. Relevance to your niche.
  2. Does it regularly publish new content?
  3. Does it have active commentators?
  4. Do they have a clear guest article submission policy?

You want traffic, so you will need to ensure that there are people actively commenting on articles. You will also want to make sure the site is up to date.

If it’s currently 2016, and the newest article is dated 2013, then it is not an active blog. Some blogs leave commenting open, so there may well be new comments. It doesn’t look good however, for your chances at being published as a guest author.

Many blogs that accept guest articles will have a page dedicated to listing their guest author requirements. These are usually a description of what kind of articles they accept, as well as what formatting is required to be published on the website.

For instance, some blogs may require you to leave out HTML, while others allow some basic HTML formatting. As previously listed, here is a way of locating blogs that allow guests by doing a simple Google search:

“your keywords” +”become a guest author”

Press Release Distribution

Press releases are often associated with major companies, and big announcements. An example of major press release would be the announcement of an E3 event for gamers made by Microsoft or Sony.

The good thing is, you do not have to be the CEO of a fortune 500 company to use press release distribution to benefit from its traffic benefits.

There are multiple press release websites online, that can be found by searching Google for “free press release”. These websites get a lot of traffic, and is used by news networks for syndication.

When used properly, your PR may be picked up by a major publication. You can target specific categories, and sub-categories on these distribution websites.

Unlike with article marketing, a press release website is all about self-promotion. They do have specific requirements however, and not just any “fluff” will make it through the approvals department.

In addition to the free options, there are many paid distribution services available. Also, on the free sites, there are often paid upgrade options that allow your content to get an extended reach beyond the free options.

To use such services, you will want to make any noteworthy news a priority for a press release. Got a public event coming up? Schedule a press release ahead of time. Major changes coming to the company? Announce it!

Article Marketing

Getting your brand out there requires a lot of legwork. Sometimes, this means that a lot of time must be spent creating quality text content that can be published on major websites.

This is different from guest blogging however. EzineArticles is an example of an article publishing website, specifically tailored to publishing quality text content.

There are many article websites on the internet, but you want to find ones that rank high on Google and other search engines. You also want to locate sites that have an established reputation with other article marketers.

A good article must be written in a way which will keep the reader interested. One such example is breaking down a topic into a list. You will often run into articles that share a title format.

An example would be this article titled, “5 FREE Website Traffic Techniques for Beginners”. You can do the same thing for your article no matter what the niche may be.

To keep the flow of reading interesting, use numbered or bulleted lists. You can also include a relevant wrapped-image if the website allows it. Various visual elements such as images, bold text, italicized text, underlined text, and headers can help the flow of the article.

There are many writers that publish smaller articles that are in the 500 word range. I however, prefer to write articles that are 1000 words at the bare minimum.

Such articles not only cover a topic in depth, but are also a genuine method of creating link-bait. This means that there are more opportunities for syndication, leading to additional traffic.

When writing articles for specialized article marketing websites, be sure to read and understand their guidelines before typing a single word. Self-promotion in an article can be frowned upon, and the site may have an author box or other way of allowing you to promote yourself.

Forum Participation

Forums are pretty old-school. They are websites which allow you to register, and conversate in “threads”. You can create and reply to topics, and be notified when others are participating. There are forums for pretty much anything.

To find forums in your niche, simply search your keyphrase followed by the word “forum” in Google. Often times, the forums with the most traffic will end up on the top of search results. The forum will show the last comment date and time, so you can see how active it is.

The trick with forums is to use the member profile section, and the signature section for your promotion. You will certainly want to avoid self-promoting in the body of your post when it comes to forums.

As with blog hopping, you want to avoid coming off as spammy. If you are commenting, make sure it is thought out and contributative to the discussion. If you are posting a new thread, you want to ensure that it follows the forum guidelines to the letter.

You can usually post a signature in your profile which appears whenever you publish something on the forum. Sometimes this signature will show up once for your first post in that thread, while many others will show the signature for every single comment you make. Either way, it translates to traffic.


By using these 5 FREE Website Traffic Techniques, you will quickly establish a regular amount of hits to your website. The next item on your to-do list is to ensure that you have your website setup for proper conversion. Hopefully, you already had this done, because these traffic methods are sure-fire.

Move Away form These 10 Social Media Mistakes


On the New Year’s Eve, you might have taken some resolution not to repeat certain mistakes that you did in the past. It is a different matter whether you had observed those resolutions of the past. Anyway, you would at least try to become a better version of yourself in the beginning days of a New Year. In that vein, we would like to bring you 10 social media mistakes that we had committed in the past and do not want to repeat.

  • Posting Selfies: If you were supposed to look like a duck, you’d be a duck. No need to put those many selfies to show beauty in you. Look lies in the eyes of beholder.
  • Photos in Other Postures: You don’t have to look different to show your butt in your selfies.
  • Hash Tags: Stop using hash tags like decoration in your posts. It would kill your text and snuff out the interest people would have generated in it.
  • Avoid Using Short Forms: For God’s sake, please stop using the short words. Only people in your friends circle would be able to understand. At least, type the greetings properly to make others happy. With others, make message legible and clear while messaging them.
  • Stop Checking-in: You need to stop accepting the invitations from strangers and barely known people. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the troubled waters.
  • Stop Forwarding Messages: You should not be forwarding impossibly long and senseless messages. You should avoid also those messages that end with “forward to 10 other friends”. If you send those messages, you will be doing at your own risk.
  • Mass-tagging: You should not ghost-tag. It makes people hate you. If you are ghost-tagged by somebody, would you like that?
  • Horrible Parent Updates: Parents post pictures of their kids preening in underwear on social media. It is understood that Internet is public. But it does not mean that you should add all types of scraps over there to gain attention. Use your brains, people!!
  • Adding Unknown People: You should stop adding people you do not know. If you do so, they might invade your privacy as you do not have the control over their behavior.
  • Spamming: You should not be continuously sending game requests and invitations to people on each event happening in the web. If you do so, you will be spamming their email boxes. And as far as ‘giving life’ to Candy Crush lovers is concerned, please consider your own existence a gift from others and move on.

People need to exercise restraint on their tendency to showcase themselves in limelight. It is quite natural for them to go after popularity. In its name, things should be not be over done to repel others. In this article, we have listed out 10 avoidable social media mistakes for better and healthy interaction.

3 Ways to Know The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Know Your Audience

All marketing boils down to this fact. You can’t escape it. You must do your due diligence and take the time to study your audience. If you want results you have to know your intended audience intimately.

If you want to inspire your audience to act on your information you have to speak to them in their language. You must know where they live and work, as well as what they do for fun.

You must understand how much money they make, and how much of it they can afford to spend on extra items. You must understand what things cause them problems and how your products and services solve their problems and be able to communicate that via social media.

Check The Stats

All social media has their own stats which you can read yourself. They have over all stats, plus usually the ability to look at your personal stats.

Combine what you know about your audience, with what the social media you’re using says about when people are more likely to read your messages, then start from there.

Many people ignore the numbers, but nothing is more important than numbers when it comes to getting your message out to your audience at the right time, and in the right place.

Your message could be perfect, but if no one sees it, it won’t matter much. The numbers matter.

Test Your Assumptions

Once you have created some assumptions from what you know about your audience, and what the statistics tell you, do a test. Choose two or three times to send out the same message.

Then check the numbers. Which time got the most opens, shares, and action. If there isn’t much difference you may need to run a test on your headlines and message too.

Do not skip A/B testing in your marketing endeavors. If you don’t test your actions you will never know for sure if what you’re doing is truly working as well as it can work.

You won’t be able to expand upon your successes and do better each marketing campaign. By testing, you will always keep doing better.

Finally, it’s important to take what works, expand upon it, and improve your social media marketing. If one thing is clear when it comes to social media marketing and marketing in the digital age is that change is continuous, due to that, you’ll always have to keep studying your market, analyzing the data, and testing the results if you want to rise to the top of the social media marketing game.

How much disk space that suitable for web hosting?

If you are looking out to purchase a new web hosting account for your business, you would definitely have come across the question about how much storage space your account needs.

This is dependent on many factors, which you should plan accordingly. Although many hosts offer Unlimited Hosting space, some people prefer to pay as they go and take up a fixed space plan.

These work out cheaper and also offer more server resources per plan. This article helps you decide how much disk space you really need in your web hosting account.

A large part of your web hosting account would be taken up by email services that you may use. You need to determine how and where you will store your emails and for how long you will retain them on the server.

You also need to determine, between mail download intervals, how much mail are you expecting per day. This means that assuming you don’t download mails in the night, how much space will the total nightly mails take up on your server. This can be crucial in ensuring continuous web hosting services so that your account doesn’t get full.

How much storage space your website will need is dependent on the nature of website that you have. If you have a CMS based website or blog which gets updated on a regular basis, you may need more space from time to time.

If you have a static website in HTML, you will be able to gauge the amount of space that will be taken up over a long period of time.

It’s best to do a test run of your website, with a small pilot site which will contain your designs and layout, before you jump into a full fledged website.

File Storage
Some people install file storage and retrieval apps on their web hosting account. These apps help to manage and store files using the same hosting space.

If you are planning to do that, and your web host allows you to use your space for storage, then you need to plan for this additional space accordingly.

If you are allowing multi user access to the file storage, you many want to setup quotas or restrict the amount of space each user can consume, else your space may go unmonitored and be exhausted in an instant.

Visitor's Files
If you allow visitor’s to upload files or submit attachments with their forms, you may need to consider this as a factor for counting storage space.

A client of ours used to allow his visitors to upload screenshots of their computer along with their website form. One day, his entire hosting account was jammed because a visitor had uploaded a 100 MB attachment on his account.

This blocked his email and other services, which had already consumed over 80% of storage space. You can restrict file sizes and file types for visitors, so that you don’t run out of space.

However, it is best not to allow visitors to upload attachments in their forms as far as possible, especially in comment forms which may become subject to spam and advertising.

MySQL databases usually contain very little data and are rarely a cause for disk space limits being hit, however, they are also the most neglected when it comes to calculating your space.

If you have a CMS system which will be storing all your content and website pages, you should estimate this requirement and opt for the right amount of space accordingly.

10 Reasons Why Visitors Leave an Online Store Very Quickly

Each merchant is able to analyze visitors’ behavior using Google Analytics. This tool gives a clear picture of an online store Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who enter the website, visit only one page and leave the store very quickly. If this indicator is very high, for the online store owner it is a reason to worry.

We have distinguished some of the most common mistakes and suggest you to review them below.

1. The information does not meet user’s request

If the text on the page is not relevant to the user’s request, other positive factors such as good design, grammar and clear text cannot improve the situation.

The user leaves the page after the first 2 or 3 seconds. This also applies to partial relevance. If there was information in the search engine snippet that the product is offered for free or at a specific price, and the product is present on the page but for an extra charge or at a different price, the user will definitely leave the store.

Moreover, it is very bad for SEO. Google analyzes CTR of organic search results and the Bounce Rate of such visits, and if the CTR is good but Bounce Rate is high, that means the information on the page is not relevant.

2. Very long text without paragraphs

A straight text without paragraphs or highlighted areas is mostly associated with something complicated and unclear.

Usually users don’t read the text in full – they scroll through it and only read the headers. Emphasized parts of the text can catch their attention and make them read more deeply.

So, the correct organization of the text helps to keep users on the page for a longer time.

3. Outdated information

If the visitors see the information about New Year discounts on the page in spring, they can think that this online store is not reliable and the prices which are indicated on the page are also not true.

Old reviews may have similar negative impact. Any and all data and design elements that are not up-to-date must be removed from the pages or replaced with actual data.

4. Poor-quality text with spelling and grammar mistakes or a large number of terms without explanation

Grammar and spelling mistakes quickly catch users’ eye and can push them away. A sophisticated text overloaded with specific terminology doesn’t stimulate selling, either.

For example, some technical characteristics without explanation may negatively affect users and they would prefer to abandon the store.

The content should be oriented to different people and should be understandable even for the visitors without special knowledge. Basic information can be given in the first place and the “read more” button can lead to extra information for those who need to understand the details.

It is also very useful to pay attention to the keywords. Some texts are “so well optimized” for Google that normal people can’t read them. Primarily, content is created for customers, but not for search engines.

5. Bad website coding

Unreadable text, irritating elements, ridiculous design – all such bugs will cause the problem of high bounce rate. Sometimes, these mistakes are obvious and they are typical for non-professionals.

But even for experienced merchants it is useful to do a usability test for better understanding of the customers’ behavior and to find some elements which can be improved.

6. Pop-up windows

Yes, it is an effective method to catch attention and pop-ups are widely used in different marketing campaigns.

But they should be used carefully and it is important to choose the right place and right time for such type of advertising. The fact is that pop-up ads annoy visitors and can push them away.

7. Bad navigation

Navigation is one of the first functions that the users need in the online store, so they should be able to immediately find it and understand how to use it.

If products search turns out to be a difficult or unclear process, users are likely to leave the store.

8. Slow loading website

This point doesn’t require an explanation. The users wait for a maximum of 3-4 seconds. If the website loads longer they even don’t enter the online store.

9. Mandatory registration

It is a huge mistake not to allow guests to search, browse and add products to shopping carts. And it is better not to set limitations for quest users.

Of course, registration is mandatory when the clients are going to make a purchase and they are on the checkout page, but not earlier.

10. Too many advertising and other irritating elements

Advertising can help with sales but can also work negatively, especially when a user is forced to see the information. The following elements will definitely annoy users:

  • advertising windows that obscure the text
  • spontaneously playing video
  • musical background
  • a large number of promotional items on the page
  • obtrusive animation

We hope this list gives you some hints how to make your online business better.

Easy Ways to Buy an Aged Domain

Easy Ways to Buy an Aged Domain

There are lots of benefits to buying an aged domain, which is an ideal strategy if you are building a new website. The immediate benefit comes from the reputation which, may have been previously established, where the older is better.

The primary reason for the preference for an aged domain, is that traffic and reputation may have already been established. However caution is required to determine whether any effort has been put into developing the site, if it exists, or is simply a domain name.

Aged domains are available at various prices, which are determined by the intrinsic value. If you are developing a new site, an aged domain can put you miles ahead of the competition, where the need to develop inbound links and site traffic is already completed, but the difficulty lies in determining how to make efficient use of the reputation, but even more important, is determination of the value of the links.

There are several sites where you may buy established domains in your category, but before doing so, an examination of the link profile may be necessary. Determine if the inbound links are appropriate and able to send the right type of visitors as quality becomes even more important than quantity.

If all is in order, to make use of the traffic, the next objective would be to direct the traffic from the old domain to your new domain. This should be done discreetly as search engines really do not like redirects, and generally not much value is passed on redirects.

Do not expect that your site will receive higher ranking in search engines from redirects, as there are several other factors that come into play. Do not expect to receive from credit from domains that may have already expired.

Where real benefit from an aged domain can be derived, is where a domain is transferred, or if a website is bought or sold. If you intend to operate the site in the same manner, despite the new registration, it is more than likely that credit for the existing link profile should continue.

Another option to make use of an aged domain, requires a bit more effort, but can have a positive impact onsite performance. The old domain can be set as a sub or microsite, which can then be linked to your main site. In that way much of the value with the established microsite can be passed to your main site, without affecting site reputation, but the downside, is that a bit more effort is now required to maintain two websites.

The third option is to completely rebuild a site on the old domain, and this is not always as daunting as it sounds, but you have the ready benefit of making use of an already established reputation.

Buying an aged domain may not be for everyone, but there are ways that benefits can be obtained from previously established reputations.

5 Kinds of Headlines That Boost Traffic for Your Website

Very few people read the entire content, most of them only read the headlines. In fact, eight out of ten people would only read the headlines. It is because the headlines set a tone and establish the main theme of the article. Moreover great headlines can solely draw more traffic towards an article. Hence, one should focus on writing great headlines in order to enhance the write-up.

Not only does the headline affect click-through rates, but it tells the readers what type of article they’re about to read, therefore if the headline is misleading, people would lose interest in it.

So what makes a great headline?

It purely depends on who one is writing to and where they’re reading it. A great content must accomplish two things:

  • It must appeal to the targeted audience
  • It must provide value to them

Besides writing creative headlines, one shouldn’t forget that the title must be appealing to SEO as well. While writing cute headlines, one shouldn’t forget to make it effective and problem solving too. The headlines should be compelling enough to attract an audience and should of great value to the readers in order to make their lives better.

Here are some great headline examples that would help increase the traffic on a blog or article

1. The “Best” headlines

These headlines are typically exact-match searches and are more powerful for SEO. For example, if one wants to search for the ways of improving home décor, wouldn’t they be intrigued by the best ways?

These headlines begin with the words, “The best ways to… “


  • The Best Way To Save More Money While Refurbishing Home
  • The Best Way To Make Your Site More SEO-Friendly

2. The “If I were you” headlines

Each one of us wants to be more successful and desire to improve. We all love to attain more in less time. It’s that feeling which makes the “If I were you” headlines so powerful.

We all love to why we should do a particular thing and what benefit would we reap from it.


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3. The ” let me list them down for you” Headlines

Most people generally like list posts. These types of articles appeal to the people for some reason and inspire a lot of clicks as compared to other articles.


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4. The “Don’t be stupid” headlines

Who want to look like a fool? No one, right? Headlines that bring out mistakes we need to avoid are extremely compelling. Because we all want to ensure that we’re not making such mistakes.


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5. The “Don’t be ignorant” Headlines

We all want to be the first to know about anything that’s going on. We want to be in the loop every time. So there is something one wants people to know, then definitely write it down.


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There are so many different types of headlines, some may be better for SEO purpose and others may be better for attracting people. It depends on what the writer is trying to accomplish. For instance an SEO services company would want to focus more on SEO while a creative writer writing for fun would want to attract creative people who would be interested in reading creative write-ups. So, it all depends. However while writing, every writer should be focused on what he/she wants to accomplish and wants to convey to the targeted audiences.