5 Ways To Get High Traffic For Newly Launched Website

Every business is in a quest to expand its reach, add more customers and be on the list of Fortune 500 companies. But what steps have you taken to reach this stature? Implemented techniques and strategies. But, doesn’t it at times feel like all the efforts have gone in vain?

In this day and age, a right approach followed by the right technology at the right time is of a great essence. When the question is about enduring potential of your marketing campaigns, search engine optimization and well strategized content marketing strategies help in driving your profit motif.

These two aspects naturally complement each other and deliver the best throughput over time, that too without causing any risk to your business. The only clause is that you execute them carefully and correctly.

The only drawback of these strategies is they usually take quite a long time to get set up and deliver the expected returns on investment. So, what to do in order to attract more web traffic?

In this article, I have listed some options that can help you bring more traffic to your newly launched website:

Guest Blogging

Well, you must have heard about it. This kind of post serves multiple functions, allowing businesses to not only gain more traffic but also bolster their presence.

Guest blogging enables you to connect with segments that already have good and established audiences. If you feature your brand on websites that have readership in millions, you are definitely going to benefit.

The more powerful the publisher, the more chances to gain visibility. But, it would be really difficult to feature your post on such platforms as they go by strict guidelines.

You can start with smaller publishers, and later on, target the big one. Apart from this, if your content is unique, authoritative, and user-centric, strong flow of users will flood your website.

According to experts, guest blogging can help improve business growth and ensure long-term success.

Social Media Network

It is one of the highly effective ways to broaden your client base. Although predicting social audience building is difficult, but it enables organizations to connect with their prospective and potential users directly and publicly.

You can share your updates, ads, offers on your social media platform and engage with customers. As you have established networks with your users either by sharing or liking their posts or by initiating a conversation, you are actually spreading awareness about your business.

You can reach thousands of users by either following them or request them to follow you. It would be best if you learn some social media optimization (SMO) tricks before taking a leap.

Paid Advertising

Another option that can help you grow the website traffic is ‘paid advertising’. This option is only good till the time you pay for it and has less long-term potential.

Here, you pay some amount for a specific amount to enjoy all the facilities of paid marketing only for the time you have subscribed it.

There are some good platforms that are open for paid advertisements like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, and Google.

Introduce Offers and Promotions

You will need to be ready to bestow free gift vouchers or some attractive offers to your customers. Or else, introduce a contest and notify and encourage your existing and target consumers.

You can ask them to share or like your content/product/service as many times as they can. Once the task gets finished, they will get awarded.

Conducting time to time contests will definitely help you augment the traffic flow and gain visibility for your website.

Leverage Influencers

Influencers and high-profile publishers share the same job responsibilities. The only difference is that you will be interacting with an individual rather than hosting your client on a third-party website.

You can easily find influencers on social media platforms, and hire them for promoting your business. At times, these publishers allow you to publish your content on their site, or even you can ask them for the same.

It is recommended to not to approach them in odd timings, and not to ask them for publishing your work free of cost, as this may leave a wrong impression on them.

If the things go well, you will expand your website’s reach and traffic at an impressive level.

Not to forget that fast or more traffic to your business website doesn’t always imply that you will get ROI. Thus, it is important to keep a balance between short-term and long-term business strategies to make the best out of your investment.

All About Alexa Ranking – Ready to Boost Your Alexa?

What is Alexa rank?

This is a ranking system set by alexa.com (a subsidiary of Amazon.com) that basically audits the frequency of visits on various Websites. Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.

How does Alexa get its data?

Alexa has a large traffic data panel consisting of millions of people all over the world. Based on the data from this sample, Alexa estimates the number of visitors to all sites on the Internet.

It’s a complicated calculation that involves correcting for biases as well as identifying and discarding fake or spam traffic.

How is the Alexa Ranking determined?

It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months. This traffic is based on parameters such as reach and page views.

The reach refers to the number of Alexa users who visit a particular site in one day. Page view is the number of times a particular page (URL) is viewed by Alexa users.

If a particular user visits the same URL multiple times on the same day, all those visits will be counted as one. There are limits to statistics based on the data available.

Sites with relatively low measured traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa. Enough data from the sources are not received to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful.

This means that, for example, the difference in traffic between a site ranked 1,000,000 and a site ranked 2,000,000 has low statistical significance.

Sites ranked 100,000+ may be subject to large ranking swings due to the scarcity of data for those sites. It is not unusual for such sites to decline to “No data” Traffic Ranks, or to improve suddenly.

With Alexa, the smaller the numerical ranking, the better.

What are the advantages of Alexa rank?

  • Alexa ranking can be used as a competitive tool to know the traffic for other websites.
  • It helps Webmasters and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your Web site. The better your Alexa rank, the higher they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your Web site.
  • Showcasing your traffic statistics and true audience size can help you attract potential customers.
  • Lesser your Alexa ranking is, the better quality traffic you can get.
  • Personal pages or blogs are taken into consideration and ranked in the same manner as regular Web sites. They will even get a distinctive mark (*).
  • Alexa Certified Metrics only counts real traffic. They filter out web crawlers and other unnecessary “noise” which can artificially inflate your metrics. This provides you a clear picture of your true traffic metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions based on genuine data.
  • Alexa Certified Metrics makes performance tracking easy by continually monitoring your site’s uptime. They display your uptime next to your traffic graphs allowing you to cross-correlate traffic trends with your site’s availability and technical issues.

How to Make your Alexa Rank Better

Install Alexa Toolbar
Installing Alexa toolbar in your browser. This the first and the foremost step.

Alexa Widget
Put Alexa widget in your site. This will encourage your visitor to click that.

Showcase your Alexa rank to your social media friends/ bloggers friends and link back to your blog.

Quality and Original Content
Writing quality and original content. Update the content frequently that provides real value to your audience. Content that drifts from this motivation fails to build quality audiences. When readers find resources valuable and informative, they engage with future content and share among their networks which in turn help in link building. Introducing new visitors that potentially turn into customers.

Related Sites
Get more related sites to link to your website that is inbound links. This helps improve the trust and quality of your site. Internal links, on the other hand, are links that lead from one page or post on your site to another. These are beneficial because they guide visitors through your website (i.e. website navigation), keeping them engaged with relevant and related content.

Analyze Your Competitors
Analysing your competitors marketing strategies and find keywords that are gaining your competitors a better traffic. By doing a little keyword research you can understand what your audiences are searching for and how.

Writing Articles on Alexa
Writing articles on Alexa will help to link your page.

Quality Backlink
Making quality backlinks for your site (leaving your website URL in the comment section of the website) which gains good traffic for your site.

Follow the best practices of SEO. SEO is a very significant strategy that deserves a substantial amount of your time and attention. But SEO is not just about improving the promotion and visibility of your website. It’s also about making your site better for your customers who use it to interface with your brand. Without a good user experience you have little hope of keeping or converting your customers.

Submit Your Site
Sign up for a free account on Alexa.com and submit your site there.

Social Media
Gain traffic from social media by actively participating in social bookmarking, Micro blogging, Forum and Blog commenting.

Spam and Anti Spam Software [Deeply Review]

Going through emails is boring and unproductive. Worse, you may come across damaging programs. To make sure this doesn’t happen, know about anti spam software soon.

Understanding Spam

Spam in the digital world is unsolicited emails sent to clients. The main purpose is to advertise a product or service. Many advertisers use spam in the hopes of drawing clients to their offers. They want to hit a large target audience to increase chances of sales. While this is not wrong, it can still be distracting to email users.

Spam is present all over the Web. You probably saw some during instant messaging or online gaming. Some users in chat rooms may send out messages unrelated to the forum or the game. Mobile phone users may also receive spam messages. These are not only irritating but can also draw added charges in some countries. Spamming is now also common in video sharing sites. You may notice messages posted that you need to click on a particular link to watch something. Once you do, you may see a site that has nothing to do with the video you wanted.

Spam messages are mostly harmless. These do not have any intentions other than to get reader’s attention. Over time, however, many unsolicited emails disguised as spam evolved to become malicious. These fool email users into clicking on a particular website. Once the person does, viruses and other dangerous software can go with it. As these get into a computer system, it can create problems. Some viruses can erase files, while others can replicate and slow down functions.

When these happen, computers may not work properly. If this personal computer is linked to a network, other computers may suffer as well. In a company scenario, this can mean losing hours of work at best. The owner may also face billings for reprogramming the system.

The Role of Anti Spam Software

Anti spam software works with a computer and email accounts a workstation might access. The software will function as a scanner for incoming mail sent to the specific account. It will look for signs the sent mail is spam.

Many will block out possible advertising sent to a recipient. The software will do this regardless of the user’s interest in the ad sent. It can also work as a spam blocker to clear out viruses and other deterrent programs.

By doing all these, the software avoids issues before it can become one. It also saves time, as the user doesn’t have to second-guess whether to open an email or not. In a company setting, time saved can mean more work done. Employees and management will only read official matters rather than sort through unrelated messages.

What Are False Positives for Spam Blockers?

False positives occur when an anti spam software deletes a legitimate message. Many software sellers state what their number for false positive is. The lower the number, the better this is, as the spam blocker will less likely omit valid emails received in a computer.

5 Simple Ways to Get Cheap WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a lightweight system that “theoretically” runs on any server that supports PHP and MySQL 5. With this being said, most hosting companies are able to offer extremely low prices to their clients. Knowing this information suddenly makes people’s decisions be based upon “who has the lowest price” and then they choose the cheapest WordPress hosting provider they can.

However, we must not forget about quality. There is a big difference between a website that merely runs and one that runs well. Although most “shared servers ” (shared hosts) meet their user’s demands, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

When choosing a web host, you need to make sure that your provider will give you all of the necessary resources to make your page run fast and smoothly. You need a company that can enable you to provide the best user experience for your visitors, and that can aid you in positioning well on Google too. So it is important to choose not only the cheapest WordPress host, but the one which offers the highest-quality as well.

Here are some tips to help you pick a high-quality and cheap WordPress web hosting company.

Can it handle my needs?
Of course the quality varies from server to server and the complexity of your site is also an issue. A website with various plugins doing several queries to the database consumes more resources and makes your page load slower. But overall, a shared server can run one or more WordPress sites pretty well. A good one, however, can handle a web page that gets 10,000 and 14,000 pageviews a day, without any problems.

A good performing website loads your pages quickly. Having a fast site will ensure that your users stay longer on your page and do not abandon your website due to its slow load time. This a crucial factor if you are engaged in any activity that involves online sales. A virtual store that takes too long to load is bound to lose sales and revenue. People are impatient these days. Leave them waiting and you’ll lose potential customers who will never return to your site again.

P.S. Search engines like Google also consider the speed of your site as one of its ranking factors. Your position on a Google search may be impaired if your site does not have a good loading speed.

So remember, look out for high-performance servers that will assist in the performance of your site (since its speed also depends on the server that hosts your website).

Of course the quality varies from server to server and the complexity of your site is also an issue. A website with various plugins doing several queries to the database consumes more resources and makes your page load slower. But overall, a shared server can run one or more WordPress sites pretty well. A good one, however, can handle a web page that gets 10,000 and 14,000 pageviews a day, without any problems.

The best hosting providers have their servers monitored 24 hours a day and offer an uptime of more than 99%.

Your website’s ranking on Google may also be adversely affected if it is not frequently available to the public eye. So when choosing a WordPress hosting provider, ensure that your website will always be available to its users.

The hosting company should ensure that your website data is protected against any problems related to the server hosting it. If by any chance the server has an outage, the company must have an information system in place so that no data saved on the server is lost in case of accidents. The company must also have a system of routine backups and / or data protection.

Customer Service
Chances are, you will need the company’s support at one point or another. Although, you may never have to fix a serious problem, you’ll need help to do at least some basic configurations. When this time comes, it is important that you have an efficient support channel that can be contacted quickly and counted whenever you need them.


I hope you have understood a bit more about WordPress Hosting and have helped you in making the best choice when it comes to taking care of your site.

Stand Out Your eCommerce Platform with These Tools and Techniques

If there’s a new channel that you want to establish to maintain consistency in delivery, customer loyalty, and further increase your revenue, then the most efficient way is through eCommerce. There are certain techniques that are proven to save you time, money, and reduce if not eliminate errors such as duplicating data entries.

Here are the best practices you should follow to ensure smooth sailing business activities and transactions.

First, you should centrally manage your store and eCommerce operations. This way you won’t have to populate point of sale product data separately from eCommerce data, which could be very tedious and confusing.

Second, you should provide your customers a rich and functional browsing and shopping experience whether they are using their desktops or other devices.

Third, you should keep your inventory levels up to date and provide your customers more detailed product information. Be more descriptive. Show more images of your product to empower your customers.

Fourth and finally, understand your customer’s shopping preferences from all channels, which include those from the register, on the sales floor, from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. This will enable you to capitalize and reduce out of stocks.

What tools are needed for the eCommerce platform?

  • To centrally manage both your offline and online operations, you will need integrated system software. There are various eCommerce solutions available in the market these days. Make sure to get only from a reliable and reputable source. Check for features that allow you to create online products, set prices and promotions and price levels for customer loyalty levels.
  • To ensure customers have a delightful shopping experience, you will need a very responsive and interactive website. Be very keen on choosing the best breed of eCommerce platform available out there. It must have a powerful responsive design, site navigation, and must be SEO ready and friendly.
  • To be more descriptive about your products, you will need software that enables you to publish your inventory stock levels online and at the same time you can opt to reserve safety stock for your store. Other attributes to help your customers search and select products easily on your site includes the filtering option, sorting option, and categories.
  • Use your website as a research tool in knowing the behavior of your customers as well as your potential customers.
    Finally, check that your integrated system software enables you to automatically update your online orders and provides you a comprehensive report.

3 Fatal Things That Make Drop Your SEO Rank

It’s such a great feeling when your site appears in the top results. It’s a feeling that you don’t want to end. Unfortunately, due to one reason or another you can see the ranking of your site nose diving. Has the ranking of your site dropped? Here are some of the reasons why this might have happened:

The honeymoon is over

When you start doing the right things such as building high quality links and driving traffic to your site, Google and other search engines start favouring you thus pump up your rankings. When you at this point you should continue building high quality links for your rankings to keep on rising. If you don’t do it, the search engines replace your site with another that is doing the right thing.

You have plenty of backlinks from spammy sites

Spammy links have been voted as the top reasons why search engines lower the ranking of some sites. Spammy links are those links that you haven’t obtained naturally. They include: Paid links, site-wide links, links obtained from reciprocal linking, links from low-quality, irrelevant sites, and those generated from generic directories.

One or two spmmy backlinks can’t hurt your site-the problem comes in when you have plenty of them. To avoid this from happening, you should regularly analyse your site for any suspicious links. The cool thing is that there are many tools that will help you do the analysis fast. If the ranking of your site has already gone down you should remove the bad links and let search engine engineers know about it so that they can reinstate your site.

You have duplicate or thin content on your site

Nowadays Google and other search engines are all about giving a great user experience. If you have been around the internet for long enough you must know that the search engines and readers prefer long content. If you used to write high quality, long articles, but you are now writing short articles, the lower ranking could be due to the short articles. The best way out is to resume writing long articles.

Having duplicate content on your site is worse than not having any content at all. Before publishing any article on your site always check it for plagiarism in one of the many free plagiarism checkers online.


These are some of the common reasons why the ranking of your site could be dropping. Do the right things and you will definitely see your rankings going back to where they were before.

8 Tools To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have emerged as the most important marketing strategy for businesses across the world. With constantly changing market trends, multiple social media platforms and limited resources, it is imperative to manage social media accounts effectively to experience success in your business. This calls for using various beneficial tools to achieve this. However, so many tools coupled with myriad features sometimes make it confusing to adapt to the resources. In addition, most of these tools cost ample money, which otherwise can be saved if effective business specific tools are used. Here are 8 must have tools to manage your social media accounts effectively.

Buffer is a must have social media scheduling tool that is used to manage content publishing across myriad social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. The tools provide access to specific profiles and can be used by teams and individuals alike. The tool finds the best schedule or time to publish posts, which may help in getting maximum views and most likes such as on Facebook. One can queue their posts according to the day and time one wants to publish the posts with preset posting times, interpret social analytics, view posts on a calendar and even curate content from RSS feeds.

Edgar is a tool for SM library for content that can be used as a scheduler too. One feeds text, images, links, GIFs and more to the tool and then the tool automatically generates a queue for publishing these. Edgar never runs out of posts. Instead, it recycles previous posts that are stored under specifically-named categories for easy recalling and editing.

HootSuite is a tool that simplifies content management and publishing for individuals and teams across all SM platforms. Apart from supporting all social media platforms, it also supports YouTube and Instagram. It has a dashboard through which one can organize and respond to customer queries and other interactions. One can create paid ads through this tool as it offers sentiment insights and analytics that determine how people are reacting to your posts.

Sprout Social is a similar tool to Hootsuite and Buffer. The only difference between Sprout Social and the other two tools is the Smart Inbox Feature that Sprout Social comes with. It enables on to view messages from all social media accounts into a single stream, thus making it easy for individuals and teams to respond to customer interactions. In addition, its Social CRM feature helps in responding and resolving customer service issues along with providing a complete conversation history. It is an apt tool for companies dealing with a large number of customer interactions.

IFTTT that stands for ‘If this, then that’ refers to a logical programming statement. The tool offers myriad ways to social media marketers to automate tasks, which can make for effective and less time-consuming tasks. A free tool that can help one to share Instagram photos, build a Twitter list following a special hashtag and share new WordPress blog posts automatically in Facebook page.

Mentuonis a very useful tool that helps one keep track of the brand across all the social media platforms. A daily report across all websites can be generated when the tool is fed with relevant keywords and names. It is an effective tool when you are concerned about proactively managing your brand.

Canvais a perfect graphic design tool that has pre-set dimensions and layouts, thus making it easy to work for social media managers. The tool has a built-in design assistance and comes in a free basic version. The same can be upgraded with a minimal amount that offers additional features.

Iconosquare is one of the effective tools till date, that makes Instagram analytics easy to understand. The tool costs very less and offers actionable community, content, and customer engagement report.

These 8 tools are a must have, whether you are a beginner or an expert in social media marketing.

Windows Hosting Can Save Your Money and Time

There are two types of servers available nowadays, Windows and Linux. Most people choose to go with a Windows server over Linux. This is because it works perfectly with a large number of websites and supports various programming languages such as silver light, asp.net, SQL, etc. There is no hard and fast rule about using Windows hosting if you are on a Windows desktop, but if you do, the compatibility of the application is second to none. After all, you are using a Microsoft product on a Microsoft machine right? This is perhaps why Windows web hosting is considered one of the top choices.

There are quite a few advantages of choosing Windows hosting for your small business. Even if you’re a new owner, Windows hosting makes the most sense since it is quite affordable.

But there are a number of unscrupulous service providers out there who are willing to cut corners in order to offer lower prices and get one up on their competition. Even though you may be tempted by these lower prices, you shouldn’t go in for these offers since they are only going to end up costing you significantly in terms of time and energy when your website is down and you are not being able to get through to their support staff.

It’s much better for you to search the internet properly and find the best company for you. You could consider reading user reviews of various hosting websites to get an idea of how good or bad they are. This will save you a lot of time and will even protect you from some potential mistakes in the long run.

A good windows hosting company should also offer you a money back guarantee if you do not like their service. This could be a 30 day or a 60 day money back guarantee. Make sure the service provider you choose offers this guarantee.

There are various hosting plans for you to choose from as well. You should carefully go through all of the available plans before determining which one will be the best for you. These packages will vary from one service provider to the next as well. So many sure you check out the top few before making any decisions.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t yet figured out whether to get a Windows or Linux hosting plan, then the whole debate should be put to rest by now. Windows hosting is clearly the way to go. So go online and start searching for the best Windows hosting plan you can buy. Just don’t forget to read user reviews, as mentioned above, to make sure you aren’t making the wrong choice.

4 Shocking Facts About Social Media For Small Business


Running a small business is much easier when you incorporate Internet marketing into your strategy. One way entrepreneurs are successfully doing this is with social media. There are so many different networks to test and try out. The nature of your business and the audience you cater to will determine which venues are the best. So before you shrug off the idea of using social channels, it’s good to give it a try. Or at least do a bit of research to see why your SEO company is recommending your brand to go social.

The following stats taken from the Social Media Marketing Industry Report help to prove that small companies can and are using these channels to market their businesses on successfully.

Facebook is the Most Widely Used

Small businesses just love Facebook. Numbers show that a whopping 93 percent of survey respondents use Facebook for their social media marketing. This topped Twitter, which was at 79 percent. Sixty-two percent of the small business owners surveyed also stated they would be increasing their Facebook marketing efforts in 2016. Sixty-six percent said they planned to increase their activity on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Entrepreneurs Agree Social Media is Essential

Not all small business owners are on the same page, but more than half of those asked stated they strongly agree that social channels are indeed a critical component for their business (58 percent). Another 34 percent agreed. Only seven percent were uncertain and two percent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Many Entrepreneurs Spend Six or More Hours On Social Media Weekly

If this sounds like too much interaction on your channels, you’re setting your campaign up for failure. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your social media marketing, you can hire an SEO company to do it for you. An Internet marketing agency can set up tools to streamline your brands interactions across your social channels, such as Hootsuite and Post Planner. Small business owners can also use these to schedule future messages, videos and posts in advance.

Thirty-three percent of respondents in the survey said they dedicated between one and five hours to social media marketing and management each week. Another 25 percent said they committed to between six and 10 hours weekly.

Small Brands Build Exposure

One of the top reasons small businesses like social channels is because it helps to increase their exposure. It’s the medium that is affordable for small businesses and allows visibility just as great as television and radio. Exposure was voted the top benefit of social media for small businesses over increased traffic (77 percent) and creating loyal fans (69 percent).

4 Wrong Things About Using Instagram

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the biggest and most powerful social media platforms that help to boost traffic to your website. This platform helps you to generate new leads for your business. It earns an enormous popularity in a very short span and now become the first choice of every business person. It allows you to share pictures, videos and do much more things on it either publicly or privately.

However, most of the people still avoid this platform just because of some myths, which actually put a wrong impact on their business growth. So, don’t let below-mentioned myths keep you from lifting its power. Have a look below and debunk them all before they create a barrier in between the success of your business.

Instagram is for customers and not for brands

Do you also believe it? If yes, so, you are mistaken. It’s because no platform is better than this for driving more traffic to your website. It allows you to share the images and videos related to your offered products and services, which helps to boost sales. Big brands like Blackberry, FedEx, Frooti, National Geographic and many others are already using this platform for their business, so, you should bust this myth.

Instagram only works if you sell visual products

Another misconception that you really need to break is that it only works if you sell visual products on it. It is not actually the truth. No matter, you sell a hairpin or a helicopter you can use this platform for the branding or generating more leads for your business.

It doesn’t allow you to showcase your personality

Don’t fall for this lie, it’s because Instagram is very popular for behind the scenes looks, so, it definitely allows you to showcase your actual personality among your customers.

Results can’t measure

Instagram doesn’t enable you to monitor or track your activity. What? Do you also think the same? No, it’s not true; it has an analytical platform that helps you to keep an eye on your social media activity, so you don’t need to worry about the monitoring.

All above points are not more than lies, so you should not fall for all such myths and start using this platform for your business to get better results. Instagram has lots more to offer for your business if you use it in a right way, so, don’t underestimate its power and start using it.