ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting :: 8 Crazy ASP.NET Components That You Must Know

Most professional, powerful and complicated websites for now are based on micro soft technology NET framework. It is the safest platform for bank sites, corporate websites and so on. Sure, ASP NET is more complicated then using CMS or word press engine. But if you are a developer, or want absolutely protected site with the wide field of abilities which will be fully customisable – net developed website is for you.

However, the web master also may use some of open templates for creating and development of ASP NET website. And there is no need to be a developer or technical specialist in that case. And it is possible to use already developed ASP NET components for your site’ needs. So web master has full range of possibilities to get a professional NET website.

Get Component NET development team offers various customs made ASP NET components that are able suit all of your needs as a web master. This will help you to make sure that your website is one of the best in the Internet. Our team of NET developers has managed to make the following ASP NET components:

Web Full Duplex – great ASP NET component, which will help you to make good 2 way data transfer integration. Our product will help you to do that more safely and fast. It will also help you to make sure that all of the applications that are running on your website will work faster.

Web Hint – one of the best products that Get Component NET development has originated and it will allow you to make hints to all controls. The main reason for the creation of that product is the fact that all of the default controls give limitation and are poorly designed. Our product will give you the freedom to customise them on your own.

Web Image Zoom – this product will help you to present pictures and graphics with zoom feature. It is quite useful if you are looking to create a gallery in your website.

Web Multiple View – with the help of this ASP NET component you will be able to replace the standard Multiple View component. It will help you to reduce the page size, the loading time and will allow you to switch between different various types. It is made using AJAX technology and it will help you to get all of the benefits from it.

Web Splitter – it has similar features like the Microsoft Windows Splitter, but they are improved by our web developers, which will allow you to have more freedom using this application.

Web Tab – is absolutely customisable ASP NET component, which will allow you to control the tabs of your website.

One J Panel instance – it is coloured red in preceding snapshot – and serves as the content pane for application frame. And this content pane makes use of top to bottom Box Layout for laying out the contents, and empty border to put five pixels of the space around them.

Two instances of custom J Panel subclass that is named Conversion Panel – and colored cyan – are been used to have components & coordinate communication between the components. All these Conversion Panel panels have titled borders that describe the contents and enclose these contents with line.

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