Move Away form These 10 Social Media Mistakes


On the New Year’s Eve, you might have taken some resolution not to repeat certain mistakes that you did in the past. It is a different matter whether you had observed those resolutions of the past. Anyway, you would at least try to become a better version of yourself in the beginning days of a New Year. In that vein, we would like to bring you 10 social media mistakes that we had committed in the past and do not want to repeat.

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  • Posting Selfies: If you were supposed to look like a duck, you’d be a duck. No need to put those many selfies to show beauty in you. Look lies in the eyes of beholder.
  • Photos in Other Postures: You don’t have to look different to show your butt in your selfies.
  • Hash Tags: Stop using hash tags like decoration in your posts. It would kill your text and snuff out the interest people would have generated in it.
  • Avoid Using Short Forms: For God’s sake, please stop using the short words. Only people in your friends circle would be able to understand. At least, type the greetings properly to make others happy. With others, make message legible and clear while messaging them.
  • Stop Checking-in: You need to stop accepting the invitations from strangers and barely known people. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the troubled waters.
  • Stop Forwarding Messages: You should not be forwarding impossibly long and senseless messages. You should avoid also those messages that end with “forward to 10 other friends”. If you send those messages, you will be doing at your own risk.
  • Mass-tagging: You should not ghost-tag. It makes people hate you. If you are ghost-tagged by somebody, would you like that?
  • Horrible Parent Updates: Parents post pictures of their kids preening in underwear on social media. It is understood that Internet is public. But it does not mean that you should add all types of scraps over there to gain attention. Use your brains, people!!
  • Adding Unknown People: You should stop adding people you do not know. If you do so, they might invade your privacy as you do not have the control over their behavior.
  • Spamming: You should not be continuously sending game requests and invitations to people on each event happening in the web. If you do so, you will be spamming their email boxes. And as far as ‘giving life’ to Candy Crush lovers is concerned, please consider your own existence a gift from others and move on.


People need to exercise restraint on their tendency to showcase themselves in limelight. It is quite natural for them to go after popularity. In its name, things should be not be over done to repel others. In this article, we have listed out 10 avoidable social media mistakes for better and healthy interaction.

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