5 Very Useful WordPress Trick

Today you can see numerous blogs and websites around you and there would be many blogs with unique features that you would like to have in your WordPress blog or site. However, it is not possible for everyone to know what they have to do to get unique features in their blogs or where to look for those features. This article will try to share some hacks and tricks that will be very useful for the WordPress development company and developers.

Set Custom Page as a Home Page in WordPress

This is the main feature that every developer wants to know where they can create their own design and set it as the home page of their blog. Create a new template or duplicate your PHP file as a template and log in to your WordPress admin panel. Publish your page and go to the option to select the custom homepage and point it to your newly created page. This is the simplest trick to have your custom designed page as your home page.

Create Page To Show Random Posts

This is the feature that is liked by every reader and developer. Web design company New Zealand have confirmed that all of their clients want this feature where their readers are shown random posts every time they refresh the page.

This is very simple method, first you have to create a custom page as mentioned above and then you have to add a simple WordPress Loop script that will show one post every time the page is refreshed. However, you have the option to increase the number of the posts.

Display External RSS feed in WordPress

Many times we see that bloggers display feeds of their other blogs on their site. This is the simplest trick to increase your traffic. Adding below mentioned codes anywhere in your theme will do the magic.

<?php echo ‘Posted ‘.$item->get_date(‘j F Y | g:i a’); ?>

Display Relative Dates

For the bloggers having good knowledge about the plugins of WordPress this is very simple job. All you have to do is download plugin called WP-Relative Date and activate the plugin. WordPress plugin development NZ are using this trick to please their clients.

News in a WordPress Site

This is the trick that is adapted by the top bloggers and sites to ensure that the useful section is displayed in the sidebar that is actually posted by the audience. This simple job can be accomplished by downloading plugin called TDO Mini Forms and activate it. There is no need of having any extra knowledge for this, just follow the instructions displayed and your site will be ready.

Hope the above mentioned tricks are useful for you.

Revealing Common Myths about WordPress Development

Like many other popular things, web design using WordPress also experiences myths getting associated with it for no strong reason. It is a challenging task for the developer to address these myths on a regular basis and filter out the small fraction of truth from the enormous amount of false conceptions. The main idea is to make sure that the performance and safety of the website is maintained.

Popular WordPress Development Myths Revealed

Numerous online stores uses WordPress development for their websites. Due to the prevalence of some myths there are still many individuals who hesitate integrating WordPress. Let us get into the depth of these myths and analyze how true they are:-

Website Speed is Slowed if WordPress Revisions Are Made

The various WordPress revisions never add to the slow performance of any website. MySQL database used usually manages all such revisions as in WordPress there occurs no provisions for revisions made at its front end. It is true that revisions do occupy some space inside the database but for standard users it causes no negative impact.

Usage of Plugins Slows Down The Website

There is a myth in the minds of certain people that using plugins given by WordPress slows down the site. WordPress plugin development company India clears the myth because the statement is valid only under certain cases. Only if a plugin is bulky in its weight then it can slow down the website if integrated within it. It can be noted that certain plugins are installed to speed up site performances.

Plugins Inactive Also Slows Down Site

Plugins which are used inside a WordPress website and are not in use can slow down the speed is another popular myth. It is not true. Inactive plugins do not affect speed. However, it is a healthy practice to uninstall plugins which have no usage to avoid weaknesses and security issues for the website. WordPress plugin development India does not update plugins which are inactive and hence can be a potential security threat.

Themes Not Active Slows Speed Down

Similar to the plugin myth, themes which are not in use do not slow down the site. Many times for WordPress customization India individuals use multiple themes. Many of these are not used as at one point of time WordPress can use only a single theme. However keeping unused items away is a good practice.

Trash Accumulation Affects Website Speed

WordPress engines have an inbuilt function to manage large trash amounts, comments, spams due to its interactive platform base. Hence, when trash occurs in WordPress it gets stored in the MySQL. This never affect the website’s loading time or speed.