New Video Live Service From Twitter, Have You Try?

According to George Rosenthal article, First came Twitter’s Periscope. Then Facebook Live. Now comes full live video streaming again from Twitter.

Users now have the option of broadcasting straight from Twitter. Periscope will not be needed.

As reported in Fortune, Tweeters need not download the Periscope app.

The process seems easy to execute. Users can access the live feed by clicking on the “compose new tweet” link. Then click on the “live” button. A pre-streaming frame will then appear.

When ready, a user can hit the “go live” button. As with other applications watchers can interact by sending comments and hearts.

The future of Periscope is unclear. Twitter acquired the video service in 2014. The next March, following the success of Meerkat, the now defunct live video company, Periscope was launched with a great degree of fanfare.

The social media company is trying to find greater footing in video. Periscope was actually preceded by Vine. Remember the seven second video looping application? Twitter never gave it a huge push and shut it down in October, 2016.

Twitter’s video platforms are facing stiff competition from Facebook Live. According to The Wall Street Journal , Facebook is paying more than $50 million to celebrities and publishers to broadcast videos and maintain a high level of notoriety for the service.

No separate app is needed for Facebook Live and Twitter seems to be following their lead. But is video losing its fancy?

According to The Verge , Facebook published a list of most watched year-end videos. While “Chewbacca Mom”, Candace Payne, made a huge impact at number one, the number ten spot has 88 per cent fewer views.

Periscope is still in development according to a spokesperson for the company in The Verge article. The spokesperson indicated an education process is still needed with potential broadcasters.

She said more people need not be afraid of airing their opinion or sharing their feelings. In all it can add up to better understanding among individuals.

To Twitter’s advantage, users may find it more exciting to watch videos of people they follow on Twitter than those of friends or distant relatives on Facebook.

It also seems more efficient to shift from standard messaging on Twitter to an integrated video application that is now easy to use.

Many television stations are now airing video broadcasts and news segments on Facebook Live. Why not shift to Twitter or at least utilize both platforms?

The option to turn every individual into some sort of broadcaster has its merits. Live video has its place and can be educational, entertaining and amusing.

Many platforms now feature video applications including Instagram, owned by Facebook, and Snapchat.

Yet the need for more of the same may soon reach its peak. While Twitter’s integrated video will certainly draw users, and may shift many away from other applications, it remains to be seen if Twitter can add to the real growth of live broadcasting or merely survive in a highly crowded universe of real-time players.

5 Crazy Hidden Tricks to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

These are super easy to pull off, yet so effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not using them sooner…

LinkedIn: See Restricted LinkedIn Search Results

When you search for people on LinkedIn, you might not see the search results you’re looking for. This is because results can be restricted based on your membership level.

But there is a way around this… The majority of LinkedIn profiles are indexed on Google. Thus all you have to do is search Google to find what you’re looking for, like this: “name of person”

And let’s say you’re looking for social media managers in New York. Type this into Google: “social media manager” New York

Now you can find the information LinkedIn is hiding from you. Sweet!

Twitter: Send Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters

No, we don’t mean send readers to another site to see what you have to say. We’re going to keep our readers right there on Twitter by doing this:

Send out your tweet just like normal, ending it with a (… ) or a cliffhanger. For example,

“Did you know you can send out a Tweet that’s longer than 140 characters? First you tweet like usual. Then… “

Reply to your own tweet from your own stream. Seriously. Remove your @name so you don’t look like you’re talking to yourself (which would be weird!) Like this:

“… you reply to your own tweet in your Twitter stream. Remove the mention of your name and finish your tweet.”

Visitors see either tweet in your stream, click on ‘view conversation’ and see the full length tweet.

Facebook: Reduce Attack Posts and Salty Comments

The Internet can be a rowdy place, especially in social media. But if you go to the Page Moderation section of Page Settings, you’ll get some relief.

Simply enter common inflammatory words such as “unlike,” “clickbait,” “idiot” and so forth. Then when a banned word is used, the comment will be hidden from the general public.

The comment still appears to the person who left it who is none the wiser. And their friends will be able to see it as well, but no one else.

You can also hide comments from trolls after they’re posted. The troll will still see the comment, so unless he compares his account with someone else’s he’ll never know the comment is hidden.

And it’s better than deleting the comment and banning the troll, since they’ll then email you and complain you’re stepping on their freedom of speech.

YouTube: Research What Viewers Want

It can be difficult to move viewers off of YouTube and onto your website. But now you can use YouTube cards to poll your audience and find out what they really love.

Ask the right questions and you’ll discover what will make them go to your website and opt-in to your mailing list. Then simply present them with the strong call to action they need, and they’re yours.

Any Social Media Platform: Vastly Increase Your Social Media Followers

Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S) is basically forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other people in your niche.

You post each other’s content with a reference back to them. Sort of like emailing your list to tell them about another email marketer (also called a solo ad) only it’s done reciprocally on social media.

And it costs nothing because you are doing it for each other.

But what if you’re new to the platform? If you have social clout on other platforms, you might do a cross promotion in which you promote them on your established platform and they promote you on your new platform.

And the best thing about this technique is it works on any social media platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth.

There you have it – 5 genuine social media hacks that can make a real difference in your marketing. Pick your favorite and start using today.

Move Away form These 10 Social Media Mistakes


On the New Year’s Eve, you might have taken some resolution not to repeat certain mistakes that you did in the past. It is a different matter whether you had observed those resolutions of the past. Anyway, you would at least try to become a better version of yourself in the beginning days of a New Year. In that vein, we would like to bring you 10 social media mistakes that we had committed in the past and do not want to repeat.

[su_list icon=”icon: forward”]

  • Posting Selfies: If you were supposed to look like a duck, you’d be a duck. No need to put those many selfies to show beauty in you. Look lies in the eyes of beholder.
  • Photos in Other Postures: You don’t have to look different to show your butt in your selfies.
  • Hash Tags: Stop using hash tags like decoration in your posts. It would kill your text and snuff out the interest people would have generated in it.
  • Avoid Using Short Forms: For God’s sake, please stop using the short words. Only people in your friends circle would be able to understand. At least, type the greetings properly to make others happy. With others, make message legible and clear while messaging them.
  • Stop Checking-in: You need to stop accepting the invitations from strangers and barely known people. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the troubled waters.
  • Stop Forwarding Messages: You should not be forwarding impossibly long and senseless messages. You should avoid also those messages that end with “forward to 10 other friends”. If you send those messages, you will be doing at your own risk.
  • Mass-tagging: You should not ghost-tag. It makes people hate you. If you are ghost-tagged by somebody, would you like that?
  • Horrible Parent Updates: Parents post pictures of their kids preening in underwear on social media. It is understood that Internet is public. But it does not mean that you should add all types of scraps over there to gain attention. Use your brains, people!!
  • Adding Unknown People: You should stop adding people you do not know. If you do so, they might invade your privacy as you do not have the control over their behavior.
  • Spamming: You should not be continuously sending game requests and invitations to people on each event happening in the web. If you do so, you will be spamming their email boxes. And as far as ‘giving life’ to Candy Crush lovers is concerned, please consider your own existence a gift from others and move on.


People need to exercise restraint on their tendency to showcase themselves in limelight. It is quite natural for them to go after popularity. In its name, things should be not be over done to repel others. In this article, we have listed out 10 avoidable social media mistakes for better and healthy interaction.

3 Ways to Know The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Know Your Audience

All marketing boils down to this fact. You can’t escape it. You must do your due diligence and take the time to study your audience. If you want results you have to know your intended audience intimately.

If you want to inspire your audience to act on your information you have to speak to them in their language. You must know where they live and work, as well as what they do for fun.

You must understand how much money they make, and how much of it they can afford to spend on extra items. You must understand what things cause them problems and how your products and services solve their problems and be able to communicate that via social media.

Check The Stats

All social media has their own stats which you can read yourself. They have over all stats, plus usually the ability to look at your personal stats.

Combine what you know about your audience, with what the social media you’re using says about when people are more likely to read your messages, then start from there.

Many people ignore the numbers, but nothing is more important than numbers when it comes to getting your message out to your audience at the right time, and in the right place.

Your message could be perfect, but if no one sees it, it won’t matter much. The numbers matter.

Test Your Assumptions

Once you have created some assumptions from what you know about your audience, and what the statistics tell you, do a test. Choose two or three times to send out the same message.

Then check the numbers. Which time got the most opens, shares, and action. If there isn’t much difference you may need to run a test on your headlines and message too.

Do not skip A/B testing in your marketing endeavors. If you don’t test your actions you will never know for sure if what you’re doing is truly working as well as it can work.

You won’t be able to expand upon your successes and do better each marketing campaign. By testing, you will always keep doing better.

Finally, it’s important to take what works, expand upon it, and improve your social media marketing. If one thing is clear when it comes to social media marketing and marketing in the digital age is that change is continuous, due to that, you’ll always have to keep studying your market, analyzing the data, and testing the results if you want to rise to the top of the social media marketing game.

8 Tools To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have emerged as the most important marketing strategy for businesses across the world. With constantly changing market trends, multiple social media platforms and limited resources, it is imperative to manage social media accounts effectively to experience success in your business. This calls for using various beneficial tools to achieve this. However, so many tools coupled with myriad features sometimes make it confusing to adapt to the resources. In addition, most of these tools cost ample money, which otherwise can be saved if effective business specific tools are used. Here are 8 must have tools to manage your social media accounts effectively.

Buffer is a must have social media scheduling tool that is used to manage content publishing across myriad social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. The tools provide access to specific profiles and can be used by teams and individuals alike. The tool finds the best schedule or time to publish posts, which may help in getting maximum views and most likes such as on Facebook. One can queue their posts according to the day and time one wants to publish the posts with preset posting times, interpret social analytics, view posts on a calendar and even curate content from RSS feeds.

Edgar is a tool for SM library for content that can be used as a scheduler too. One feeds text, images, links, GIFs and more to the tool and then the tool automatically generates a queue for publishing these. Edgar never runs out of posts. Instead, it recycles previous posts that are stored under specifically-named categories for easy recalling and editing.

HootSuite is a tool that simplifies content management and publishing for individuals and teams across all SM platforms. Apart from supporting all social media platforms, it also supports YouTube and Instagram. It has a dashboard through which one can organize and respond to customer queries and other interactions. One can create paid ads through this tool as it offers sentiment insights and analytics that determine how people are reacting to your posts.

Sprout Social is a similar tool to Hootsuite and Buffer. The only difference between Sprout Social and the other two tools is the Smart Inbox Feature that Sprout Social comes with. It enables on to view messages from all social media accounts into a single stream, thus making it easy for individuals and teams to respond to customer interactions. In addition, its Social CRM feature helps in responding and resolving customer service issues along with providing a complete conversation history. It is an apt tool for companies dealing with a large number of customer interactions.

IFTTT that stands for ‘If this, then that’ refers to a logical programming statement. The tool offers myriad ways to social media marketers to automate tasks, which can make for effective and less time-consuming tasks. A free tool that can help one to share Instagram photos, build a Twitter list following a special hashtag and share new WordPress blog posts automatically in Facebook page.

Mentuonis a very useful tool that helps one keep track of the brand across all the social media platforms. A daily report across all websites can be generated when the tool is fed with relevant keywords and names. It is an effective tool when you are concerned about proactively managing your brand.

Canvais a perfect graphic design tool that has pre-set dimensions and layouts, thus making it easy to work for social media managers. The tool has a built-in design assistance and comes in a free basic version. The same can be upgraded with a minimal amount that offers additional features.

Iconosquare is one of the effective tools till date, that makes Instagram analytics easy to understand. The tool costs very less and offers actionable community, content, and customer engagement report.

These 8 tools are a must have, whether you are a beginner or an expert in social media marketing.

4 Shocking Facts About Social Media For Small Business


Running a small business is much easier when you incorporate Internet marketing into your strategy. One way entrepreneurs are successfully doing this is with social media. There are so many different networks to test and try out. The nature of your business and the audience you cater to will determine which venues are the best. So before you shrug off the idea of using social channels, it’s good to give it a try. Or at least do a bit of research to see why your SEO company is recommending your brand to go social.

The following stats taken from the Social Media Marketing Industry Report help to prove that small companies can and are using these channels to market their businesses on successfully.

Facebook is the Most Widely Used

Small businesses just love Facebook. Numbers show that a whopping 93 percent of survey respondents use Facebook for their social media marketing. This topped Twitter, which was at 79 percent. Sixty-two percent of the small business owners surveyed also stated they would be increasing their Facebook marketing efforts in 2016. Sixty-six percent said they planned to increase their activity on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Entrepreneurs Agree Social Media is Essential

Not all small business owners are on the same page, but more than half of those asked stated they strongly agree that social channels are indeed a critical component for their business (58 percent). Another 34 percent agreed. Only seven percent were uncertain and two percent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Many Entrepreneurs Spend Six or More Hours On Social Media Weekly

If this sounds like too much interaction on your channels, you’re setting your campaign up for failure. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your social media marketing, you can hire an SEO company to do it for you. An Internet marketing agency can set up tools to streamline your brands interactions across your social channels, such as Hootsuite and Post Planner. Small business owners can also use these to schedule future messages, videos and posts in advance.

Thirty-three percent of respondents in the survey said they dedicated between one and five hours to social media marketing and management each week. Another 25 percent said they committed to between six and 10 hours weekly.

Small Brands Build Exposure

One of the top reasons small businesses like social channels is because it helps to increase their exposure. It’s the medium that is affordable for small businesses and allows visibility just as great as television and radio. Exposure was voted the top benefit of social media for small businesses over increased traffic (77 percent) and creating loyal fans (69 percent).

4 Wrong Things About Using Instagram

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the biggest and most powerful social media platforms that help to boost traffic to your website. This platform helps you to generate new leads for your business. It earns an enormous popularity in a very short span and now become the first choice of every business person. It allows you to share pictures, videos and do much more things on it either publicly or privately.

However, most of the people still avoid this platform just because of some myths, which actually put a wrong impact on their business growth. So, don’t let below-mentioned myths keep you from lifting its power. Have a look below and debunk them all before they create a barrier in between the success of your business.

Instagram is for customers and not for brands

Do you also believe it? If yes, so, you are mistaken. It’s because no platform is better than this for driving more traffic to your website. It allows you to share the images and videos related to your offered products and services, which helps to boost sales. Big brands like Blackberry, FedEx, Frooti, National Geographic and many others are already using this platform for their business, so, you should bust this myth.

Instagram only works if you sell visual products

Another misconception that you really need to break is that it only works if you sell visual products on it. It is not actually the truth. No matter, you sell a hairpin or a helicopter you can use this platform for the branding or generating more leads for your business.

It doesn’t allow you to showcase your personality

Don’t fall for this lie, it’s because Instagram is very popular for behind the scenes looks, so, it definitely allows you to showcase your actual personality among your customers.

Results can’t measure

Instagram doesn’t enable you to monitor or track your activity. What? Do you also think the same? No, it’s not true; it has an analytical platform that helps you to keep an eye on your social media activity, so you don’t need to worry about the monitoring.

All above points are not more than lies, so you should not fall for all such myths and start using this platform for your business to get better results. Instagram has lots more to offer for your business if you use it in a right way, so, don’t underestimate its power and start using it.