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Entity Framework (EF) is a popular data access technology for .NET applications. Entity Framework Core 1.0 (EF Core) is Microsoft’s reboot of Entity Framework for the new “mobile first, cloud first” world. According to the roadmap, EF Core will become the official version at some point in the future when the team feels that they have a critical mass of important ORM features implemented.

With EF Core, data access is performed using a model. A model is made up of entity classes and a derived context that represents a session with the database, allowing you to query and save data. You can generate a model from an existing database, hand code a model to match your database, or use EF Migrations to create a database from your model (and evolve it as your model changes over time). offers Entity Framework Core 1.0 Hosting with affordable price. They support this new technology with great server performance, a lot of ASP.NET features, daily backup service, 24/7 support, and easy installation. They strive to make sure that all customers have the finest web-hosting experience as possible. To learn more about their Entity Framework Core 1.0 Hosting, please visit

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Cheap and Reliable Entity Framework Core 1.0 Hosting Provider

Entity Framework Core 1.0 Hosting Provider

The Entity Framework (EF) is a part of the .NET Framework by Microsoft and works as an open source ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for the same. The framework is written using the C# language on the .NET Platform itself and has an Apache License. The first stable release for the EF was done in August 2008 and the last stable release dates back to March 2015.

The framework primarily works to assist in the development of software applications that are data oriented. It does that by eliminating the need to write the various data access codes by giving automated mechanism to access and store data inside a database. This allows the developers to focus more on the business problems and build the logics for these problems rather than having to work with the database coding.

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5 Benefits When Choosing Entity Framework Core 1.0 Hosting


When it comes to creating applications using entity framework, you will surely find a Professional Web Development Company that uses this technology for developing web based apps. Due to inherent capabilities and advantages of this framework, working with .NET becomes easier. Such ease is welcome in the product driven web applications and you will find web development services UAE, US, UK, India and even Australia using this technology for that very reason.

So, if you’re a newbie to the development scene and want to start working with entity framework, then you can go through the guides available across the web and get started. However, if you’re a businessman thinking of getting your own web app made, then you know the perks offered by this framework and should look for an Open Source Development Company that can create custom web application for you using this very framework.

There are various advantages of using the Entity Framework while developing the web applications on the .NET Framework. Some of the prominent benefits of using this framework are listed below:

  • The overall database performance is enhanced on using the entity framework as you’ll be working with objects and not with the database tables. Performing actions like select, insert, update, delete and so on will work faster as compared to the traditional methods.
  • You will not have to write any SQL yourself as most of the Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations are going to be performed by the framework itself. As mentioned earlier, any changes to the object is detected by the framework. When the changes are saved, the framework generates an automated insert/delete/update statement that ensures the change to be reflected in the database as well.
  • The Entity Framework makes it convenient for the programmer to add new database support like Oracle as it is not only restricted to using the Microsoft SQL Server only.
  • The framework provides the developer with the ability to have some inherent relations between the created entities.
  • The framework makes it convenient to manage ‘one to one’, ‘one to many’ and ‘many to many’ type of relations in a database.