Cheap And Reliable Hosting :: Cheap and Reliable Mediawiki 1.25 Hosting 2015 | Cheap and Reliable MediaWiki 1.25 Hosting. MediaWiki is a free open-source wiki software and as all wikis it allows everyday users to create and edit webpage content in any browser without knowledge in CSS and HTML. Mediawiki supports this open editing function where anyone can add and edit content, which the software would write in its database but without deleting the old version. Thus in case of certain abuse of this great functionality, the administrators could revert to the original unedited version. MediaWiki is also the most famous wiki engine as it is used to power Wikipedia.

If you’re looking for Best , cheap and reliable Web hosting provider that facilitate MediaWiki, especially MediaWiki 1.25 Hosting, we’ll offer you with the answer.

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Managing a site with MediaWiki

If you have decided to work with MediaWiki on your project, there are several things you should consider : hosting, installation, and management of content are the most essential ones.

  • MediaWiki Hosting

    MediaWiki is a server software and you need hosting to go live with your website. Many hosts would support this software, but few providers will provide the quality of service you will find at and the dedicated support that will walk you through the setup and later management of your wiki site.

    MediaWiki hosting by includes:

    When hosted by your MediaWiki site will enjoy top speed, unmatched security and expert support!

    • Free MediaWiki Installation
    • Top of the line servers optimized for your MediaWiki 1.25 installation.
    • Free Domain Name
    • Unlimited Traffic and Emails
    • Expert 24/7 MediaWiki Support
    • FREE Daily Backup
    • FREE Trial MediaWiki 1.25
    • PHP runs as suPHP for added MediaWiki 1.25 security.
    • Meets/exceeds all MediaWiki 1.25 system requirements.

    Recommendation of MediaWiki 1.25 Hosting

    For the readers who use a certain Windows application we recommend with  offers high-class hosting services hosting for private individuals and families since 2008. The enterprise has also recognized a good call in the industry and as a golden Microsoft partner.

    As a rule Windows hosting is much more expensive than a Linux hosting, but ASPHostPortal is only $5.00/month, also a little bit more cheap than a lot of Linux-hosting plans. This plan is Cheap and Reliable Hosting, come with the nuclear functions like below.

    • Unlimited Diskspace, Bandwidth, and Unlimited Domain
    • One click Publish – Web Deploy Hosting
    • Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 Server
    • ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET 4.5.2 Hosting, ASP.NET 5 Hosting
    • ASP.NET MVC 3 hosting, ASP.NET MVC 4 Hosting, and NEW ASP.NET MVC 6 Hosting
    • MSSQL 2008, 2008 R2 Hosting, SQL 2012 and MSSQL 2012 R2
    • SSRS 2008, SSRS 2008 R2 Hosting, and SSRS 2012 Hosting
    • Silverlight 4, WCF RIA Hosting Support, Silverlight 5 and and Silverlight 6 Hosting
    • IIS 7.5 Hosting, IIS 8 and IIS 8.5 Hosting
    • PHP 5 and MySQL 5 Support
    • Crystal Report 2010 Hosting Support MediaWiki 1.25 optimised hosting infrastructure features independent email, web, database, DNS and control panel servers and a lightning fast servers ensuring your site loads super quick!


    We recommend it for people ache for a secure, high performance and budget MediaWiki 1.25.  In the case you plan to launch a new site or move out from a terrible web hosting, is a good option. To learn more about ASPHostPortal visit,

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