Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 Hosting

Jeffrey Styles (internet marketer) said, As every small business startup or owner you are seriously thinking about cutting the costs. And one of the first things to look at when doing ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 website online is ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosting.

You want to get top quality, but don’t want to pay much. It makes sense given the fierce competition in ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosting space. However, there are numerous cases where people just lose money when they choose a bad ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 host.

[su_note note_color=”#f3f3ef” text_color=”#373737″ radius=”20″]The World Wide Web is big business and to be successful all ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 sites need a reliable ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 web host. And, ASPHostPortal does that provides a better ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosting environment.[/su_note]

Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 Hosting Provider

[su_heading align=”justify” margin=”20″] is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States, Click here for more information.[/su_heading]
If you surf the net ASPHostPortal is among the few that consistently get good reviews. They provide good value for money and the space offered as well as data transfer are fair as well as efficient. For most aspects of ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosting ASPHostPortal receives excellent reviews.

They drive to provide for webmasters what for the founder found lacking in ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosts. The need to overcome problems web master’s face from ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosts of downtime, unreliability, and poor service.


Their customer service is great. They provide both guidance as well as answers. Many basic services are provided free while for services like installation of scripts they charge.

ASPHostPortal is committed to providing reliable service, great support, technical know how, and affordable pricing. They aim to be the ultimate in shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting solutions.

Reliable ASPHostPortal’s ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 Hosting

ASPHostPortal is the leading provider of Windows hosting and affordable ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 Hosting. ASPHostPortal are happy to announce the availability of the .NET Core 1.0.1 for all our hosting packages.

It is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4, 4.5, 4.6 and 5. .NET Core 1.0.1 is a modular runtime and library implementation that includes a subset of the .NET Framework. Here are the reasons why they are the best:

[su_service title=”World Class Control Panel” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]They use World Class Plesk Control Panel that support one-click installation.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Uptime & Support Guarantees” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Dedicated Application Pool” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]With ASPHostPortal, your site will be hosted using isolated application pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Focus on Windows Hosting” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]They are 100% fully support on windows platform. Their windows hosting is compatible with the ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 hosting management and collaboration application.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Fast and Secure Server” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]Their powerfull servers are especially optimized and ensure the best ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 performance. They have best data centers on three continent, unique account isolation for security, and 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Best and Friendly Support” icon=”icon: rocket” icon_color=”#3c3c3c” size=”18″]Their support team is extremely fast and can help you with setting up and using ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 on your account. Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.[/su_service]

About ASP.NET Core 1.0.1

.NET Core 1.0.1 is a modular runtime and library implementation that includes a subset of the .NET Framework. Currently it is feature complete on Windows, and in-progress builds exist for both Linux and OS X. .NET Core 1.0.1 consists of a set of libraries, called “CoreFX”, and a small, optimized runtime, called “CoreCLR”.

.NET Core 1.0.1 is open-source. ASP.NET Core 1.0.1, with the help of Visual Studio 2015, lets you create modern web applications. Modern web applications not only target all devices, including PCs, Macs, Tablets and smartphones, but also work with any browser or operating system.

You don’t need to do anything to get your application to use .NET Core 1.0.1. It will roll-forward to .NET Core 1.0.1 by default, as discussed above.

You can set .NET Core 1.0.1 as the minimum version for your app by updating your .NET Core metapackage reference to Microsoft.NETCore.App 1.0.1. An app configured this way will no longer run on .NET Core 1.0.0, even if it’s the only .NET Core version on a machine.

You do need to make a change to update to ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 and Entity Framework 1.0.1, by referencing a newer NuGet package.

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