10 Reasons Why Visitors Leave an Online Store Very Quickly

Each merchant is able to analyze visitors’ behavior using Google Analytics. This tool gives a clear picture of an online store Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who enter the website, visit only one page and leave the store very quickly. If this indicator is very high, for the online store owner it is a reason to worry.

We have distinguished some of the most common mistakes and suggest you to review them below.

1. The information does not meet user’s request

If the text on the page is not relevant to the user’s request, other positive factors such as good design, grammar and clear text cannot improve the situation.

The user leaves the page after the first 2 or 3 seconds. This also applies to partial relevance. If there was information in the search engine snippet that the product is offered for free or at a specific price, and the product is present on the page but for an extra charge or at a different price, the user will definitely leave the store.

Moreover, it is very bad for SEO. Google analyzes CTR of organic search results and the Bounce Rate of such visits, and if the CTR is good but Bounce Rate is high, that means the information on the page is not relevant.

2. Very long text without paragraphs

A straight text without paragraphs or highlighted areas is mostly associated with something complicated and unclear.

Usually users don’t read the text in full – they scroll through it and only read the headers. Emphasized parts of the text can catch their attention and make them read more deeply.

So, the correct organization of the text helps to keep users on the page for a longer time.

3. Outdated information

If the visitors see the information about New Year discounts on the page in spring, they can think that this online store is not reliable and the prices which are indicated on the page are also not true.

Old reviews may have similar negative impact. Any and all data and design elements that are not up-to-date must be removed from the pages or replaced with actual data.

4. Poor-quality text with spelling and grammar mistakes or a large number of terms without explanation

Grammar and spelling mistakes quickly catch users’ eye and can push them away. A sophisticated text overloaded with specific terminology doesn’t stimulate selling, either.

For example, some technical characteristics without explanation may negatively affect users and they would prefer to abandon the store.

The content should be oriented to different people and should be understandable even for the visitors without special knowledge. Basic information can be given in the first place and the “read more” button can lead to extra information for those who need to understand the details.

It is also very useful to pay attention to the keywords. Some texts are “so well optimized” for Google that normal people can’t read them. Primarily, content is created for customers, but not for search engines.

5. Bad website coding

Unreadable text, irritating elements, ridiculous design – all such bugs will cause the problem of high bounce rate. Sometimes, these mistakes are obvious and they are typical for non-professionals.

But even for experienced merchants it is useful to do a usability test for better understanding of the customers’ behavior and to find some elements which can be improved.

6. Pop-up windows

Yes, it is an effective method to catch attention and pop-ups are widely used in different marketing campaigns.

But they should be used carefully and it is important to choose the right place and right time for such type of advertising. The fact is that pop-up ads annoy visitors and can push them away.

7. Bad navigation

Navigation is one of the first functions that the users need in the online store, so they should be able to immediately find it and understand how to use it.

If products search turns out to be a difficult or unclear process, users are likely to leave the store.

8. Slow loading website

This point doesn’t require an explanation. The users wait for a maximum of 3-4 seconds. If the website loads longer they even don’t enter the online store.

9. Mandatory registration

It is a huge mistake not to allow guests to search, browse and add products to shopping carts. And it is better not to set limitations for quest users.

Of course, registration is mandatory when the clients are going to make a purchase and they are on the checkout page, but not earlier.

10. Too many advertising and other irritating elements

Advertising can help with sales but can also work negatively, especially when a user is forced to see the information. The following elements will definitely annoy users:

  • advertising windows that obscure the text
  • spontaneously playing video
  • musical background
  • a large number of promotional items on the page
  • obtrusive animation

We hope this list gives you some hints how to make your online business better.

5 Kinds of Headlines That Boost Traffic for Your Website

Very few people read the entire content, most of them only read the headlines. In fact, eight out of ten people would only read the headlines. It is because the headlines set a tone and establish the main theme of the article. Moreover great headlines can solely draw more traffic towards an article. Hence, one should focus on writing great headlines in order to enhance the write-up.

Not only does the headline affect click-through rates, but it tells the readers what type of article they’re about to read, therefore if the headline is misleading, people would lose interest in it.

So what makes a great headline?

It purely depends on who one is writing to and where they’re reading it. A great content must accomplish two things:

  • It must appeal to the targeted audience
  • It must provide value to them

Besides writing creative headlines, one shouldn’t forget that the title must be appealing to SEO as well. While writing cute headlines, one shouldn’t forget to make it effective and problem solving too. The headlines should be compelling enough to attract an audience and should of great value to the readers in order to make their lives better.

Here are some great headline examples that would help increase the traffic on a blog or article

1. The “Best” headlines

These headlines are typically exact-match searches and are more powerful for SEO. For example, if one wants to search for the ways of improving home d├ęcor, wouldn’t they be intrigued by the best ways?

These headlines begin with the words, “The best ways to… “


  • The Best Way To Save More Money While Refurbishing Home
  • The Best Way To Make Your Site More SEO-Friendly

2. The “If I were you” headlines

Each one of us wants to be more successful and desire to improve. We all love to attain more in less time. It’s that feeling which makes the “If I were you” headlines so powerful.

We all love to why we should do a particular thing and what benefit would we reap from it.


  • Why should you buy a fitness tracker
  • Why Online Electronics Shopping Is So Crowd-Pleasing These Days?
  • Why do most people choose to buy furniture online?

3. The ” let me list them down for you” Headlines

Most people generally like list posts. These types of articles appeal to the people for some reason and inspire a lot of clicks as compared to other articles.


  • 5 types of content that are transforming the digital marketing trend
  • 5 Signs Your Obsession with Mid-Century Modern Is Overwhelming

4. The “Don’t be stupid” headlines

Who want to look like a fool? No one, right? Headlines that bring out mistakes we need to avoid are extremely compelling. Because we all want to ensure that we’re not making such mistakes.


  • Five fatal mistakes SEO beginners should avoid
  • Five Worse Marketing Habits That You Should Quit Right Now

5. The “Don’t be ignorant” Headlines

We all want to be the first to know about anything that’s going on. We want to be in the loop every time. So there is something one wants people to know, then definitely write it down.


  • What does your pillow design choice say about your personality?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Hashtags!

There are so many different types of headlines, some may be better for SEO purpose and others may be better for attracting people. It depends on what the writer is trying to accomplish. For instance an SEO services company would want to focus more on SEO while a creative writer writing for fun would want to attract creative people who would be interested in reading creative write-ups. So, it all depends. However while writing, every writer should be focused on what he/she wants to accomplish and wants to convey to the targeted audiences.