Killer Effect of Image Post in Increasing Traffic

Retailers are finding it difficult to develop automatic methods of linking crowdsourced photos to relevant products having kept retailers from integrating the same to other websites and apps. Retailers are banking on social media and the pictures sourced from the channels and the personal interactions are driving sales.

Launch of intelligent visual search engines

With the proliferation of a varied set of visual search software that helps in driving the capabilities offered by Google search, users can snap photos and search for similar products rather than going through thousands in every catalog. As users snap photos and even earn commissions especially of their followers who go to these retail websites, the shopping patterns are changing.

People have not resorted to visual shopping in a very big way but surely there have been huge inspirations of image-based sites that work well. Many big retailers are eyeing the differentiator to get an edge over the competition.

Some companies have leveraged existing research on human visual cortex to push the capabilities of image based search software. The software helps in object identification even at a distance and even prompt the user to make a purchase based on their personalized choice.

The Science Behind Visual Search Engines

Eight neuroscientists spent seven years researching extensively on the human brain before adapting the image recognition capabilities for the fashion industry. Now the software is even going a further step to guide a buyer to buy matching shoes to their wardrobe along with accessories.

Leveraging the large user base of Pinterest and Instagram, one could use the technology to drive sales through the popular portals. Also utilizing the technology gives added benefits of demarcating one’s identity in the market compared to other players who are still going through the staid process of e-commerce.

One can generate revenue by receiving commissions especially when someone clicks through apps redirected towards a retailer’s website. Mobile retailing is growing tremendously in this regard. The growth in the value of payments is expected to be huge in the next five years. Even artificial intelligence-based solutions are being implemented for boosting visual online shopping recommendations.

Shopping with a difference

It’s tough finding clothes or shoes if one cannot find similar stuff that one prefers. Shopping online can become a hassle if one has quite clear interests and choices. The crowd then moves to traditional stores to make the purchase.

Tech-savvy millennials are the biggest target for fashion retailers but the problems most of them face is that they cannot exactly describe or pinpoint choices in text. To redress this problem, various artificial intelligence-based solutions are helpful for carving out smart visual recommendations, and are becoming popular.

Cracking visual search is one of the biggest drivers for the e-commerce world. Visual search start-ups have managed to get users to discover similar products online, based on photos themselves. A visual-recommendation engine based on personal choices, is one of the most important engines for retailers to possess as it churns out relevant recommendations to users based on their experiences and choices.

Visual Search in Consumer Applications with Derived Intelligence

Many visual search companies now are attentive to the demands of multiple verticals. Help both consumers and businesses to make noted and data-driven decisions is key to the growing nature of online buying and even mobile buying.

– With a technology that can translate natural images, videos, and the like, the biggest factors influencing fashion can be pointed out and even sorted out.

– The derived intelligence will make smarter recommendations to consumers who are scouring for products and also to set suggestions to various fashion buyers and even retailers based on consumer-searching data.

– With a lot of interest among online retailers, garnering accurate predictions of demand and also deliver on consistency in results will be the biggest priority for the visual search engine makers.