3 Fatal Things That Make Drop Your SEO Rank

It’s such a great feeling when your site appears in the top results. It’s a feeling that you don’t want to end. Unfortunately, due to one reason or another you can see the ranking of your site nose diving. Has the ranking of your site dropped? Here are some of the reasons why this might have happened:

The honeymoon is over

When you start doing the right things such as building high quality links and driving traffic to your site, Google and other search engines start favouring you thus pump up your rankings. When you at this point you should continue building high quality links for your rankings to keep on rising. If you don’t do it, the search engines replace your site with another that is doing the right thing.

You have plenty of backlinks from spammy sites

Spammy links have been voted as the top reasons why search engines lower the ranking of some sites. Spammy links are those links that you haven’t obtained naturally. They include: Paid links, site-wide links, links obtained from reciprocal linking, links from low-quality, irrelevant sites, and those generated from generic directories.

One or two spmmy backlinks can’t hurt your site-the problem comes in when you have plenty of them. To avoid this from happening, you should regularly analyse your site for any suspicious links. The cool thing is that there are many tools that will help you do the analysis fast. If the ranking of your site has already gone down you should remove the bad links and let search engine engineers know about it so that they can reinstate your site.

You have duplicate or thin content on your site

Nowadays Google and other search engines are all about giving a great user experience. If you have been around the internet for long enough you must know that the search engines and readers prefer long content. If you used to write high quality, long articles, but you are now writing short articles, the lower ranking could be due to the short articles. The best way out is to resume writing long articles.

Having duplicate content on your site is worse than not having any content at all. Before publishing any article on your site always check it for plagiarism in one of the many free plagiarism checkers online.


These are some of the common reasons why the ranking of your site could be dropping. Do the right things and you will definitely see your rankings going back to where they were before.

10 Crazy Tips To Become Viral on Facebook

Going viral refers to the number of unique people who see some posts from a story that is published by a friend. This story comprises of comments, likes, responses to an event, sharing and answers to any questions. All businesses want more views, more traffic, more subscribers, interactions and followers for their online presence. If they have something that goes viral then it can easily get huge customers following in just a short span of time and without much effort. A viral Facebook post is something that all digital marketers dream about and is totally free. The next section highlights some secrets that can help you go viral on Facebook.

Content should not Be Boring

For going viral, you definitely need something unique. So, the content of your post should not be boring or similar to what is already present on other sites. Make people excited or offer them some things that force them to think. Do something that affects their feelings. If your post is some kind of story, make it inspiring, powerful and moving. Use a tone that is real and authentic. Its quality can be like casual conversation but it has to be touchy. It is assured that if you use these things in your post it will go viral within no time.

Focus on Current trends and Events

If any post is current then people would be interested in it. People love new content and often such content is viewed over and over again by many people. Therefore you need to check latest Google trends and its news section. You may also want to look for keywords as they are vital for your post to get discovered. Just like Google, Facebook’s search bar also gives options about the types of phrases and keywords you type. Be sure that your ideal keywords are in headlines, text body and in the description. You can get tags and information about keywords through different available online platforms.


Post your content on different online platforms like YouTube and Twitter and start driving huge traffic to your site. This can be done from anywhere and will provide the opportunity for people to share the content. It is important that you never forget to integrate this content. For instance, once you have posted a video on YouTube, you should integrate it on other social platforms as well to enhance sharing.

Get Noticed by Some Celebrities

Celebrities have massive audience and so the Facebook content often goes viral just because a celebrity shares or comes across it. Unfortunately, getting attention of celebrities is not an easy task but still you can do this by the quality of your content. If your content has something which they require, they will definitely notice it and in this way you can get their attention. This is a positive sign for posts or product promotion.


There are no guidelines on how your content must look in order to go viral. So you can use any of the unlimited ways. One of them is the use of videos, which are the biggest part of web. If you have uploaded any video on Vimeo or YouTube and it is easy to discover by others, people will do the entire task of promotions on their own and they will share it in all other social networks.

Start Some Contest

Contests are the best way to grab the attention of people and interact with most of them. They spread words about something easily and fast. Facebook offers different questions that can be answered to grab the attention of many readers. Similarly, on a particular web page, you can hold contests about the best picture or any best information shared. This will attract lots of comments and likes and as a result make your post go more viral. In most social media campaigns, these contents are of extreme importance as they enable current viewers to engage with new people.

You may also hold an event where you invite different celebrities who will make your event even more powerful and resourceful.

Shocking and Controversial

In order to go viral, you may want to surprise your audience by comments and likes on controversial issues. This works best if you are the kind of person who does not mind being liked or hated. When seeing the content sparks the emotions of people then they will naturally want to promote it in order to see the reactions of other people. Bad or good, both cases are possible in going viral.

Use Humor

It is a fact that people come to social media sites for fun. They love laughing and feel happy to share anything that is funny. So, all those who have creative knack of comedy can use it to grab the attention and viral sharing of the humor. Use funny images and videos are recommended.

Use Images

As we all know, the average span of a general web surfer has gone down. Thus, you have a better chance to grab people’s attention by using bold photos and photos with big block text. Facebook offers this service and makes the photos look large in news feed. You can also use different online tools to make your post more authentic and appealing.

Submit to Reddit

If you can come up to the first page of Reddit then you can certainly get thousands of viewers. You just have to submit your post in the Reddit and other people vote it down or up. If the post gets maximum votes it will surely get published at the front of Reddit. This task is a bit tricky and it is suggested that you take your time to interact with the Reddit community before posting your links into it for self-promotion. After that, if your post gets at the front, it will certainly get viral not only on Facebook but also on other social media sites.

In short, a post on Facebook or any other social media can be viral but you have to apply the correct strategies as mentioned above. The use of above-mentioned strategies is recommended since they are proven to be the best.

8 SEO Trends In 2016 | All Bloggers Must Read This

Google takes quality seriously…

In the previous years, the greatest search engine on the planet has announced various updates aimed to expand the overall quality of their search results. This has made it much harder for SEO’s around the globe to rank websites today rather than earlier years.

Here are a few greatest changes we may be expecting this year:

1. More stress on the mobile audience

Google began to put a higher emphasis on their mobile audience when they brought out the mobile algorithm upgrade in April 2015. After the algorithms take off, we’ve started to see greater varieties between the mobile search results and desktop search results.

As mobile internet usage forges ahead, we can hope to see Google stretching their endeavors to better serve their mobile users. So it’s more imperative now than any time in recent memory to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile.

2. Enactment of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Notwithstanding a focus on the mobile users, we can likewise foresee that having AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages will be geared to win higher organic traffic. This is owing to Google announcing they’ll start to incorporate AMP in Feb. of 2016.

This implies AMP pages themselves could surely get a boost in the mobile search results.

3. Higher straight search answers

In case you’re a persistent Google user, you’ve presumably seen that Google frequently gives you the answer you look for right there in the search results.

For instance, how about, we review the Los Angeles Basketball Squad, the LA Lakers.

That is to say, all that I have to know about the team is available forthwith in the search results. With a brisk search, I got details about their latest game, team schedule, news updates., etc.

This is called Google Knowledge Graph. That way Google has enhanced their overall user experience.

Here’s what you can do to help place your site in the Knowledge Graph:

• Set up a Wikipedia page for your business.

• Set up a Google+ page for your business.

• Ensure that you’ve legitimately administered schema markups

• Tie Up with other pertinent and related websites.

• Ensure that you utilize nouns and entities rather than pronouns to allow Google to better recognize what precisely you’re talking about.

4. Higher importance to trust and authority

Over the previous decade, the web has grown quickly. Presently, it’s much less demanding for Google to isolate trusted sites from non-trusted sites in view of the reputation built over numerous years.

Today, Google inclines toward aged sites which have demonstrated their trust over numerous years by getting numerous quality inbound links and offering huge amounts of valuable content.

The search results are mostly dominated by bigger brands with domains over two decades old.

5. Significance of building thematic pertinence

Notwithstanding the case above, you might be wondering how come Laptop Mag outranked the various sites despite the fact that it’s younger and doesn’t carry the kind of domain authority.

All things considered, Tablet Mag is the lone site out of the main 5 that entirely concentrates on Laptops particularly.

Why does this make a difference?

In 2015, Google announced a 160-page dossier which incorporated their Search Quality Guidelines. They expressed that supplementary pages are a critical variable in helping them identify a website’s overall authority.

In spite of the fact that other websites might rank for a more extensive range of keywords and get higher volumes of organic traffic, Google has discovered that Laptop Mag is the #1 authority to be at, for topics pertinent to laptop’s for example, laptop reviews.

That is on account of they’ve developed a high level of thematically pertinent topics identified with laptops.

6. Turning the heat on unnatural link practices

There’s most likely Google is going to keep on making significant crackdowns on spammy link practices. They even have a spam group committed particularly to doing only that.

What’s more, in the course of recent years, Google has made big leaps to taking action against wrong link building exercises. One of the most noticeable overhauls was back in 2014 when Google de-indexed individually owned blog networks. Soon after that upgrade, numerous individuals reported that their domains had been de-indexed.

7. Significance of website speed

That’s true! Site speed is a critical ranking factor. Assuming that your site performs much snappier than your opponents’ websites, you’ll have an edge over them.

Moreover, Google has a crawl budget assigned for every website taking into account their site and authority. This implies crawl budgets get wasted owing to long load times.

8. Additional push for user experience

With rivalry hotting-up and Bing gaining higher share, it must be obvious that Google will need to give their users a superior user-experience; truth be told, Google is just on a par with the website’s it has in its index.

To conclude, In 2016, and up and coming years, creating a quality website that gives worth to users will be a more vital variable in SEO. As an SEO specialist and one of the best SEO resellers around, I attempt to invest some time examining and foreseeing Google’s patterns so I have a better idea of how to map out and work out for up and coming SEO projects. What’s more, with 2016, I anticipate more changes principally spinning around quality and user experience.

Crazy Ways to Increase Your Traffic From Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest has around 50 million visitors each month? This is mainly due to the fact that people see Pinterest as an easy place to find whatever information they are looking for.

Due to the high traffic volume on Pinterest, this is the ideal place to start generating traffic to your website or blog. Here are some tips to help you get started on your Pinterest campaign:

* Start by creating your own board blog. If you already have one, that’s great! However, you want to give your board blog the same name as your blog page. Having the same title for both allows people to find your blog posts and articles much quicker. Use great keywords that will show up on the first page of search engines. You can’t get better advertisement than that!

Using either a quote, or a brief summary, pin your blog posts onto your board. Adding an eye-catching image is a must if you want to get the attention of so many users. Don’t forget to put the link back to your blog posts on your pins.

* Putting ‘Pin it’ buttons on all your blog posts is a great way for your followers to share your posts with their followers. As more people visit your page, more people will share your posts with their friends.

* After you have set up 2 – 5 boards of your own, start to participate in a wide variety of group boards. Well established boards already have large, built-in, followers. Having boards of your own will let people know that you intend to be a serious contributor to their boards.

Of course, you are going to want to find those group boards that fit into your niche in some way. Once established, ask if you can contribute an article. Either send the board owner a private message from Pinterest, email them, or comment on their pin, asking if you can make a contribution to the board.

* Connect with your followers. You joined Pinterest to get people to go read your blog or website; engaging them is the best way to get them there.

Pinning often is a great way to be ‘front and center’ with your followers. Be sure you post well written, original articles that are relevant to your blog, service or product.

Spend time following those who have chosen to follow you. Comment on, re-pin, and like their pins. This lets them know that you are truly watching, and are interested in, what they are up to.

* Entertain your followers while giving them a variety of information. A lifestyle board is a great place to pin various pieces of information relevant to your business. You should include articles, products, household tips and a few lifestyle images.

Make use of free images you find online, or use your own. Eye-catching images will get you a ton of re-pins, so be sure your image is great and relates in some way with your blog articles.

Don’t forget to include links on your images. Many people miss this opportunity to drive even more traffic to their blog.

* Don’t forget about your Pinterest bio page! Pinterest users do check out bio pages, so be sure to utilize this area. Let people know what you and your business are about. Share your hobbies and interests, and your goals for your business. A great bio is your introduction to the masses and helps them decide if they want to read more of your writings.

Your avatar should depict an aspect of your business that people will understand. Make one that ‘pops’ in order for people to find you quick and easy.

Check your ‘search privacy’ setting to be sure it is open to all search engines. Making it easy for people to find your posts is what marketing is all about. You can’t generate traffic if people cannot find you.

Pinterest users come from all over the globe, and from all walks of life. They have vastly different experiences and styles, yet they all come together online to share what they know. Using some of these tips will help you make the most of your Pinterest experiences.

Because Pinterest is a large social networking site, you can be assured of a large audience reading your words. Once you hook them with your image and words, it is just a matter of reeling them in to your website. This is Pinterest campaigning at its finest.