Cheap and Fast WordPress 4.6.1 Hosting

Choosing a WordPress hosting can be quite a challenge. All webmasters, whether new or seasoned, have had trouble with selecting the proper WordPress hosting company for their WordPress site.

Many people, even those experienced with web design, do not fully understand what they should look for when choosing a WordPress hosting.

The first thing people look at when shopping for WordPress hosting is the price. We all love saving some money, and shaving a few bucks off your monthly hosting bill can help a lot.

However, you should remember that price is not everything. Some companies provide very cheap WordPress hosting, but they have very low bandwidth, web space, etc, or they have a lot of downtime.

ASPHostPortal WordPress hosting services are frequently recommended as they are one of the top WordPress hosting companies. There are located in New York but have customers throughout the world. Founded in 2008 they have grown to the point where they host four million domains.

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Between an aggressive marketing strategy and a reputation for providing industry leading service, ASPHostPortal has quickly established itself as one of the top web hosting companies on the net today.

ASPHostPortal started with just 3 servers and now manages its 225,000 customers on over 7,000 servers. With 225,000 customers and counting, there is no question that ASPHostPortal is an expert in the hosting industry.

ASPHostPortal currently offers 4 different WordPress hosting packages to satisfy the needs of webmasters on a budget all the way up to webmasters that maintain a large network of WordPress websites.


The plans are named host one, host two, host three, and host four and range from $5 to $23 per month. All plans feature unlimited domain and sub domain but they differ in things like number of disk space and badwidth that you can get. It really depends on what your needs are but no matter your needs there is a ASPHostPortal plan that will work for you.

ASPHostPortal boasts 99.9% uptime for your WordPress websites and backs that with a guarantee. Your WordPress site will be hosted by top of the line technology that helps to ensure the servers stay cool, secure, and maintain that 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, ASPHostPortal has system administrators on site at the data centers 24/7/365 to monitor all servers and proactively tackle any problems before they become serious.

Why Choose ASPHostPortal’s WordPress 4.6.1 Hosting?

WordPress 4.6.1 is now available in ASPHostPortal. New features in WordPress 4.6.1 help you focus on your writing, and the new default theme lets you show it off in style.

WordPress 4.6.1 has been translated into 40+ languages with other languages yet to come. The hosting platform is compatible with WordPress 4.6.1 application. WordPress is always the best, well-known blogging tools. Here are the reason why you must start your WordPress 4.6.1 Hosting with them :

World Class Control Panel
They use World Class Plesk Control Panel that support one-click installation.

Uptime & Support Guarantees
They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Dedicated Application Pool
With ASPHostPortal, your site will be hosted using isolated application pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability.

Focus on Windows Hosting
They are 100% fully support on windows platform. Their windows hosting is compatible with the WordPress hosting management and collaboration application.

Fast and Secure Server
Their powerfull servers are especially optimized and ensure the best WordPress performance. They have best data centers on three continent, unique account isolation for security, and 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring.

Best and Friendly Support
Their support team is extremely fast and can help you with setting up and using WordPress on your account. Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Guide to Choose Right WordPress 4.6.1 Hosting

When choosing a WordPress hosting, you should be very careful. The first step you need to do is analyze what exactly your needs are. Every site needs a different kind of hosting. If you just have a blog or simple WordPress web site, you could probably get away with a WordPress shared hosting plan. However, if your site is larger, or has a lot of traffic, you should get a premium WordPress hosting plan.

If you have a site that has many return users, you will need to look for WordPress hosting that has minimal downtime. However, if when choosing a WordPress host you are promised 100% uptime, you are being lied to. There is no such thing as 100% uptime. For those who do not know, “uptime” is the time your website is actually live and able to be accessed by people surfing the internet. It is nothing to worry about, as usually downtime lasts less than an hour, and is a very rare occurrence.

Though there are many resources on the web to help you when you are choosing a WordPress host, the most valuable, in my opinion, is a good forum. There are many webmaster related forums out there, filled with helpful people who are more than willing to help you out. There are also a number of websites that are completely devoted to providing you with information to help you in the difficult process of choosing a web host.

For amateurs to WordPress hosting, you should consult an internet resource, or ask someone who has more experience. It is hard to know exactly what you need in a hosting company. For those with just 1 to a few sites, a simple hosting plan will suffice. However, if you own 10 or more websites, it may be worth it to purchase your own dedicated server.

You should always take your time when choosing a WordPress host. The decision of what host to use is not one that should be made hastily. WordPress hosting is vitally important to your WordPress website. If you have low quality WordPress hosting that loads slowly and is down often, it will be hard to convince people to return to your WordPress site. Return visitors are absolutely vital to your site. Whether your site is commercial or personal, you will be much more successful if you convince individuals to return to your site.