Cheap and Reliable Joomla 3.6.5 Hosting in India

Joomla 3.6.5 hosting is normally thought to be a costly administration, particularly to those people who are ignorant of the full advantages it can offer to their Joomla 3.6.5 online web.

Numerous huge name organizations have their Joomla 3.6.5 sites setup professionally, yet this does not really imply that independent ventures ought to be deserted in the Internet advertise; there are likewise web hosting suppliers that can offer quality administrations at affordable prices. Trustworthy hosting administrations can turn out to be an awesome accomplice a business can have online.

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Best and Cheap Joomla 3.6.5 Hosting in India

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Joomla! has an in-app contextual help system to help every level of user to operate their Joomla. Most pages have a help button in the top right, helping you fully understand all options on that page. There is also a glossary explaining the terms in plain English, a version checker makes sure you’re using the latest version, a system information tool helps you troubleshoot.

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About Joomla 3.6.5

Joomla! 3.6.5 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla! which addresses three security vulnerabilities, miscellaneous security hardening and three bug fixes; no further changes have been made compared to the Joomla! 3.6.4 release. We strongly recommend that you update your sites.

What’s in 3.6.5

Version 3.6.5 is released to address three security issues, miscellaneous security hardening and three bugs.

Security Issues Fixed

> High Priority – Core – Elevated Privileges (affecting Joomla! 1.6.0 through 3.6.4)
> Low Priority – Core – Shell Upload (affecting Joomla! 3.0.0 through 3.6.4)
> Low Priority – Core – Information Disclosure (affecting Joomla! 3.0.0 through 3.6.4)
> Security Hardening

Bug Fixes

[#12817] Fix Joomla Updater for Windows Users
[#12984] Fix installation language for sr-YU
[#12589] and [#13127] Fix default values for user creation on installation