Cheap and Fast BlogEngine.NET Hosting

So you are ready with your online business, your BlogEngine.NET website is well designed and well-developed meeting all the demand of the clients. Now the next important question for launching your online business is choosing a BlogEngine.NET hosting service.

It is very crucial to choose a reliable internet service provider for smooth running of the BlogEngine.NET website, hosting a site with poor BlogEngine.NET hosting company may give you a horrible experience.

One of most important thing that one should consider while choosing a BlogEngine.NET hosting company is how much space will provide you, make sure that they offer enough space so that in near future you can easily expand your business. If your BlogEngine.NET site has ample graphics and videos make sure that BlogEngine.NET hosting company can meet your requirement.

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Cheap and Fast BlogEngine.NET Hosting Provider

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ASPHostPortal, a Windows ASP.NET hosting company, is among the world’s major companies for all categories of Windows hosting solutions. In 2009, ASPHostPortal reached more than 200,000 customers. ASPHostPortal was recognized as among the fastest growing companies in the state of New York.


Today, ASPHostPortal is recognized by their customers as the best BlogEngine.NET hosting solutions in the market. The reason why ASPHostPortal grew so remarkably fast is because it provided innovative hosting solutions to its customers for a relatively low price and because it provided outstanding customer services. These are the hallmarks of successful companies.

Innovative BlogEngine.NET hosting solutions at affordable prices along with outstanding customer services is the root cause of ASPHostPortal status of being a favored BlogEngine.NET hosting company by thousands of their satisfied customers.

ASPHostPortal offers some of the most excellent solutions in the field of BlogEngine.NET hosting problems. Its shared hosting plans are inexpensive. ASPHostPortal has the best services as compared to other hosting companies.

Why Choose ASPHostPortal’s BlogEngine.NET Hosting? BlogEngine.Net optimised hosting infrastructure features independent email, web, database, DNS and control panel servers and a lightning fast servers ensuring your site loads super quick! Reason why you should choose ASPHostPortal to host your BlogEngine.Net site:

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Criterias to Choose BlogEngine.NET Hosting

There are many criteria in choosing a hosting service. First you should bear in mind that there are two kinds of hosting; the ‘Free hosting – these are the services we down load for free but the services and benefits we get here is not that sufficient and very limited.

Second is the ‘Commercial hosting – it gives full support, benefits and services when ever we need and the access is unlimited. When you select a hosting service, choose the one that can provide you with fast and better connection to the net.

If you are setting up an office, it is important to count how many computers will be par taking the server. Choosing a hosting service will depend on the number of users. The more users you have, the slower the server will be; you should be prominent in looking for a best hosting service in order to get a good catch.

If you know about bandwidth, then you have to be extra careful also, so that you won’t have to pay extra charges whenever you come across with high traffic going to your website. Still the best rate in selecting a hosting service commercially is to go for flat rate.

It means no matter how many traffic that comes into your site, you still pay same amount monthly. Do not go for a rate that is based on number of uses. In choosing a hosting service, it is important to look for things like; what support are they going to offer? Is it a 24 hour hosting support? Is it speed enough? Are they getting unreasonable burden for customer service? There are many doubtful things you can encounter in the future.

It is always beneficial to plan ahead of time. If you can find a company that provides virtual hosting, the better; Virtual hosting allows you to have a domain of your own, instead of using the host’s URL. Make sure also that you can have your own directory access.

This is important in choosing a hosting service. The directory access provides you with unlimited scripts. If you are familiar or know about programming, things will be a whole lot easier for you, but if you are unfamiliar about programming, I suggest you choose web base administration.

One thing to choose for is a host that allows you to use FTP; this will help you much in facilitating uploaded and downloaded files. Also do not ignore your email resources. Sometimes you work more on your emails than the server. It is beneficial to choose host server with POP inbox.

The main course in choosing a hosting service is for advertising. Putting in banner on your web pages is very important, some, may opt to pop of windows so you’d better choose one that is comfortable to you. Always remember that what ever method you choose, do not forget about FTP access.

Always check for size limit. This is often times is the problem with free hosting because they set a limit size to a file you want to upload and it sift out files they think is not viable. It is still best in selecting a hosting service, one that provides you with no restrictions.