Top Cheap Kooboo 3.0 CMS Hosting Provider

Kooboo 3.0 CMS Hosting Provider

Kooboo is an international web development firm with its core development team based in China. Kooboo contains products and practices to meet all your web development needs, allowing you complete freedom in development. Kooboo comprises Kooboo products (Design tools, CMS, Ecommerce, and Newsletters), Kooboo people, Kooboo service, and Kooboo network.

They support XML, SQL and Non-SQL databases and are 100% compatible with Microsoft Azure Cloud. This provides reliable solutions for high traffic websites. Workflow, version control, asset relation management, multi-channeling, incremental deployment, SEO and tracking tool, and content delivery. Our all-in-one package works just for you.

Released under the Revised BSD License with no burden to purchase or advertising clause. Modify and use the source code as you like, so long as you comply with 3-clause in the license.

Because that, Today, I would like to give you Top Cheap Kooboo 3.0 CMS Hosting Provider Recommendation based on some factors like : uptime, speed, price, customer review, features, and support.

Top Cheap Kooboo 3.0 CMS Hosting Provider is a leading Kooboo CMS hosting provider, offering first class support and uptime. Their name-brand servers (all contain state-of-the-art RAID-10 protected SSD disks) are housed within their private, 100% green data center to deliver an optimum blend of affordability, flexibility and reliability.

They are committed to provide you with the best possible web hosting services. They provide 100% network uptime guarantee and up to 99.99% service uptime guarantee, one of the highest in industry. In case they cannot fulfill their SLA, they will provide full month credit to you account. They also offer unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for web hosting service. However they are confident that you would love their web hosting service.


ASPHostPortal prides theirself on responsive customer service, low prices, and passion for what they do. They host some of the world’s busiest websites. Their managed Kooboo CMS hosting services are designed for power users who want the best Kooboo CMS hosting experience and service with no compromise. They use the latest web hosting technology to achieve the highest uptime possible. Their servers are highly scalable and able to handle very large amount of hits.

They provide full refunds if there is any dis-satisfaction with their services or products. All of plans come with unlimited Domains/Ms Access/Email accounts, as well as unlimited Sub/Parked/Addon Domains. Their plans include with easy 1 click installer, among many other features/offerings. Custom plans are available as well.

5 Steps to Choose Right Kooboo CMS Hosting


Choosing the right web hosting company from the beginning can help a great deal during the course of setting up you website and running it the way you want and even more importantly the way you need it to. Before starting, you are probably already aware that there are hundreds and thousands of different web hosting companies out there on the internet, all offering different packages, deals and services. What are the differences between these companies? Why is company A so much cheaper than company B? Here we take a look at some steps you can take in to help you choose the right web hosting company from the start.

Step One

First thing before you do anything about looking for a web host is to understand or know what your website will need. If you are a first time website owner, some questions to help you would be: how many pages is my website going to have? Am I going to have many pictures or videos on the site? Am I going to provide an online shopping website? Am I going to use HTML or do I need a website builder? Am I going to create my own web pages or do I want to look at template? Am I creating a static website or a blog? All these questions will help you to understand what to look out for when choosing your web hosting company. The answers will lead you different hosting options.

Step Two

The next thing to do is to search for some web hosting companies and research their plans and options and features. The best place to look would be: Google search, web hosting forums, or web hosting blogs (that compare various web hosting companies). Remember to look for trust and support – try contacting the various companies and see how long they take to respond or ask around the forums for opinions of other website owners. Secondly look at the difference in their features and at their prices. Lower prices are not always the best as they may lack features or have setup costs just to create and set up an account. Once you look at a few companies it would be a good idea to then narrow it down so not to confuse you or cause you to have an overload of information.

Step Three

Honest third party reviews would now be the next step to help you with your decision. Many hosting companies have their own forums. You can visit this to see what existing customers are saying about their service. Webmaster forums may also be a good source of third party opinions. You can also do a search on Google for reviews related to the specific companies. You need to recognise unbiased reviews from those that are biased. Remember no company is going to be perfect; there will be complaints about every company some complaints milder than others. For example, someone complaining they haven’t received an email is not as significant as a complaint about the web hosts server being down for the last 24 hours. Your job is to try to keep an objective opinion when reading reviews to see which one would be best suited for yourself.

Step Four

As mentioned before choosing the right web hosting company can lead you to success or failure. So take it seriously and ask questions. If you want to know if a web hosting company can do or can’t do something then it best asked before signing up. For example if you are looking at two hosting companies using two different control panels you may want to know which is easier to use for a newbie. Best place to ask is in webmaster and web hosting forums. You can also ask in Internet marketing forums as many internet marketers have had experience with their own website. Most importantly you want to know if you web hosting company is flexible or not.

Step Five

The best way to see if a web host is what everyone says it is to test them out. If they have a forum, ask them questions. If they have live support get on and fire away. If you can think of a technical problem to ask, email them or use their ticket system. See how long it takes for them to answer your query. Most live support are for presale and mild tech problems, if you have a real mind boggling question see if they can direct you to the right person and help you efficiently.

Remember, choosing the right web hosting company will save you a lot of time, effort and frustration in the future. You need to know what the differences between the companies are and see which hosting company best serves your needs. You can easily drown yourself amongst all this information if you don’t take it one step at a time. Follow the five steps above to make sure you don’t regret choosing the wrong web hosting company.