Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: TOP 3 ASP.NET Hosting Companies in Europe | Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Hosting. There are really few ASP.NET hosting solution in the industry. Maintaining a reliable ASP.NET server needs more patience and skills than running a Linux server. You could host your web site developed in ASP.NET from your personal computer, provided that you have a robust broadband Internet connection, sufficient provisioning from your Internet provider for the broadband traffic that will result from access to your web site and a configured home router that will allow incoming web requests. Both Internet Information Services (IIS) and the .NET framework would have to be installed and configured on your personal computer.

Finding web hosting that matches all of your needs might sometimes seem as a difficult task. To choose the best ASP.NET hosting in Europe for your ASP.NET websites, I recommend you going with the best ASP.NET hosting as following. These days, you can sign up for web hosting services based just about anywhere in the world. But for security and peace of mind, nothing is better than knowing that a European web host is on your side. Not only do you know exactly where your web host is located, but everything is easier – transactions take place in your local currency, the support team is in your time zone (and in your language).
After reviewing hundreds of web hosting, I finally name as 2015 Best ASP.NET Hosting service providers in Europe. is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Hosting in European Continent. Our service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom,Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and many top European countries.


Why Choose ?

logo (2)HostForLIFE –  HostForLIFE receives Spotlight Status merit award for providing Recommended, Cheap & Fast ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5 Cloud Hosting from the leading technology company, Microsoft. claims to be the fastest growing Windows and ASP.NET Hosting provider in European continent. With the servers located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), caters its clients with the newest servers on Dual Xeon Processor, minimum 8 GB RAM, and the fastest 1000 Mbps connection line. All the servers are equipped with the latest Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 5.0, Silverlight 5, WebMatrix and Visual Studio Lightswitch. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of their hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level.  As one of the European ASP.NET hosting providers, HostForLIFE guarantees 99.9% uptime and quick loading speed. From € 3.00/month , HostForLIFE provides you with unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth,etc, for your website hosting needs.

For Alternative ASP.NET Hosting in Europe

1231123-Reg123-Reg is a UK based web hosting company and as the name suggests, it’s focused on offering cheap domain names. Despite this, the company does offer a wide range of web hosting plans, including email hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.The Startup Package from € 3.03/month with 1 Free domain, 1GB Diskspace, 10 Sub-Domains, FTP Access, etc. All of the 123-Reg hosting plans provide access to UK-based support and live chat support during office hours. There is also a support desk for customers which provides user guides, FAQ’s, live system status and video tutorials. There is also a 123-Reg self diagnosis tool to help solve common web site issues, plus a knowledgebase for self-help and reference.

webfusionWebfusion– Webfusion (formerly GX Networks) is a website hosting, email and domain name registrar company. It began by offering internet services to corporations and began trading under the GX name in 1997. It believed that it had developed the first transatlantic IP backbone running native ATM. Webfusion originally started out with major Network Access Points in Washington and San Jose in the US, London’s LINX and Stockholm in Europe. Starting at € 10.95 per month, GearHost offers ASP.NET hosting on the market, Webfusion offer unlimited Web Space & Traffic, unlimited email account, unlimited ftp account, etc.


Whether you’re looking to launch a web application without hiring a full IT department, or you’re in IT and you just want to be sure you can handle large traffic spikes, a cloud hosting service can help you sleep at night, knowing your latest creation is running as it should

Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: Best Recommendation SharePoint 2013 Hosting in Australia

server-icon | Cheap and Reliable SharePoint 2013 Hosting. SharePoint hosting is often seen as an alternative to running it withinyour own organization. It seems like it would give you to the flexibility to run SharePoint with customizations unavailable in SharePoint Online, coupled with the cost savings achieved by cloud computing and outsourcing the high people costs associated with an on-premise deployment.

Introduction of SharePoint Hosting :

When you use “SharePoint hosting” to search on the Internet, you’re hard to find a web host offering the feature, even you’ve found one supported the feature, their price is always too expensive to afford.

If you’re looking for a Cheap and Reliable SharePoint hosting provider with budget cost, then you’re lucky to find the correct place, here we’d like to recommend best web hosts fully supporting Sharepoint on their web servers.

What’s SharePoint?

SharePoint is a popular web application platform developed by Microsoft Corporation and first released in 2001. The latest edition of SharePoint 2013 which was released at the end of 2012 year and many new features have been added for advanced enterprise-class users. Here are some noticeable features of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint integrates with a series of newest web technologies which’re backed by a common technical infrastructure.
  • SharePoint has a user-friendly interface much alike Microsoft Office and integrated with Office suite in SharePoint 2013.
  • As a leading platform of web application, SharePoint provides the requirements of implementation with effective governance, central management system and enhanced security controls.
  • Integrated with IIS entry directly – enabling massive management, scalability and flexibility.

Who’s the Best SharePoint hosting provider?

After reviewed over 100 different Microsoft Windows hosting companies, is awarded as the first choice for cheap and reliable SharePoint hosting provider relies on its superior performance, strong reliability, lightning page speed, professional technical support and responsive customer service, as well as fairly good reputation in the industry. Currently, there has over 50,000 customers with over 500,000 websites and domain names are under their management, and new members are joining them everyday. Their customers are coming from every corner of the planet, covering four continents and over 170 countries. No matter what your needs for running a secure, secure and fast SharePoint website, is always able to provide an available web hosting solution to you.

SharePoint Hosting Plans

  • 1 SharePoint Websites
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 GB Doc Storage Space
  • 10 Number of User Accounts
  • SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Support Custom WebParts
  • SharePoint Site Usage Reports
  • Support SSL
  • Users Administration
  • Intl Language Packs*
  • Public-Facing Access*
  • $10.00/month (3 Years Plan)
  • $13.00/month (1 Year Plan)
  • $15.00/month (3 months plan)
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Choose as Cheap and Reliable SharePoint 2013 in Australia

  • is a line of business under Macrodata Enterprise (ABN: 42 797 697 621), specializes in providing web hosting service to customers in Australia. was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry; web hosting for customers who want excellent service. This is why continues to prosper throughout the web hosting industry’s maturation process.
  • focus on offering affordable Windows shared hosting. That’s all they do and that is all they will ever do. their new Windows 2008 / Windows 2012 hosting platform is perfect for your ASP.NET hosting needs and in case you need support on Windows 2003 Hosting Platform, they still support it!
  • guarantees the highest quality product, top security, and unshakeable reliability. carefully choose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability.


Cheap And Reliable Hosting :: Best Recommended 2015 ASP.NET 5 Hosting

What’s New In ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is a lean .NET stack for building modern web apps. We built it from the ground up to provide an optimized development framework for apps that are either deployed to the cloud or run on-premises. It consists of modular components with minimal overhead, so you retain flexibility while constructing your solutions.

ASP.NET 5 includes the following features:

  • New flexible and cross-platform runtime
  • New modular HTTP request pipeline
  • Cloud-ready environment configuration
  • Unified programming model that combines MVC, Web API, and Web Pages
  • Ability to see changes without re-building the project
  • Side-by-side versioning of the .NET Framework
  • Ability to self-host or host on IIS
  • New tools in Visual Studio 2015
  • Open source in GitHub

What’s ASP.NET 5 Hosting

ASP.NET web hosting is designed for running the websites developed by Microsoft ASP.NET technology and databases based on Windows server platform. We don’t suggest you host ASP.NET applications on Apache web server in Linux although Mono provides that capability. Because running websites in Microsoft technology on Microsoft platform is performance and reliability guaranteed.

ASP.NET makes building Web applications dramatically easier with far less code! ASP.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft? .NET Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. ASP.NET pages execute on the server and generate markup such as HTML, WML, or XML that is sent to a browser.

Finally, the long awaited release of ASP.NET 5, i’m happy for annoucement release 5. .NET Framework 5 for all our hosting packages. It is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4, 4.5 and 4.5.2. ASP.NET 5 has been re-imagined from the ground up to provide a faster development experience, best in class performance, full side-by-side support. ASP.NET 5 is clean and free of bugs and is a composable .NET stack for building modern web applications for both cloud and on-premises servers. ASP.NET 5, with the help of Visual Studio 2015, lets you create modern web applications. Modern web applications not only target all devices, including PCs, Macs, Tablets and smartphones, but also work with any browser or operating system.

To choose the cheap and reliable  ASP.NET hosting for your ASP.NET websites, we recommend you going with the cheap and reliable ASP.NET hosting, ASPHostPortal is the leading provider of Windows hosting and affordable ASP.NET 5 Hosting. The  price starts from $1.00 per month. To more information about ASP.NET 5 Hosting  please visit

Why Choose ASPHostPortal ?

  1. Build Your Website Use’s website building tools to get that special, customized look for your website. A nifty wizard will walk you through the process.
  2. All-inclusive prices unbeatable value Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal rates, or promotional services. With, the listed price is the number you’ll pay, and you can expect a fully loaded, comprehensive suite of web services.
  3. Fast and Secure ServerASPHostPortal powerfull servers are especially optimized and ensure the best ASP.NET 5 performance. They are have best data centers on three continent and unique account isolation for security.
  4. Easy to Use and Manage webspace explorer lets you manage your website files with a browser. A control panel lets you set up and control your server functions with ease.

ASP.NET 5 Hosting


Host IntroHost OneHost TwoHost Three
Host 1 Site Host Unlimited SitesHost Unlimited SitesHost Unlimited Sites
1 GB Disk Space 5 GB Disk Space 15 GB Disk Space 50 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwidth60 GB Bandwidth150 GB Bandwidth500 GB Bandwidth
0 SQL Server db2SQL Server db4 SQL Server db6 SQL Server db
SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014
0 MB SQL Server / db200 MB SQL Server / db500 MB SQL Server / db1000 MB SQL Server / db
0 MySQL db3 MySQL db6 MySQL db10 MySQL db
0 MB MySQL /db200 MB MySQL /db500 MB MySQL /db1000 MB MySQL /db
50 MB Email Space200 MB Email Space500 MB Email Space1000 MB Email Space
Starting from
Starting from
Starting from
Starting from
Order NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now

Cheap And Reliable Hosting :: Create Console Application ASP.NET 5 Using Visual Studio 2015

We know Visual Studio 2015 Preview has been released, it has been announced by Microsoft on November 12, 2014 at the Visual Studio Connect() event in New York, USA. With this new release of Visual Studio 2015 many new features have been added but this article is only about the two new ways to create projects with ASP.NET 5 under the Web node that is in Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

ASP.NET 5 came with Visual Studio 2015 Preview. Now we have a new way to create a Console Application project under Visual C# \Web Template. The following are the two new templates for ASP.NET 5 but this article only explains:

Comparison of ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET 4.5 Project Templates


Now use the following procedure to create a Console Application using the ASP.NET 5  project template in Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

Step I

To create a new Console Application using the ASP.NET 5 Console Application project template use the following procedure:

“File” -> “New” -> “Project…”

Now in the New Project window the following project template will be shown in which we will select the language Visual C# and select Web from the child menu of Visual C#. It will look like as in the following figure.


In the preceding project template we can see that now we have the three types of projects, in other words:

  • ASP.NET Web Application
  • ASP.NET 5 Console Application
  • ASP.NET 5 Class Library

But this article only explains ASP.NET 5 Console Application. So select ASP.NET 5 Console Application and continue to create this project.

Step II

Now we can see a quite different look of Solution Explorer in comparison to other older version. Let’s see the following figure that represents the new architecture of projects.


In the preceding picture we are watching various new files that were not available with the older version Console Application. Let’s see the following short explanation that describes the new files and their roles.


This file (project.json) is synchronized with Solution Explorer, it contains the information about dependencies (assemblies references that are being used by this application).

Note: when we remove any dependency from the project then this file will be updated automatically. It behaves very similar to web.config in web applications.

This file contains the following default code that contains the information of version, dependencies, framework and the two new assembly references.

    "version": "1.0.0-*",  
    "dependencies": {  
    "commands": {   
        "run" : "run"  
    "frameworks" : {  
        "aspnet50" : { },  
        "aspnetcore50" : {   
            "dependencies": {  
                "System.Console": "4.0.0-beta-22231"  

In the preceding code we can see that only one dependency is showing, which is:

“System.Console” :”4.0.0-beta-22231” – it is a new assembly that is added with .NET Framework 5 in Visual Studio 2015.


This file contains the information about solutions. In other words it keeps the definition about which is the solution folder for the source files of the current application. When we create a new project in an ASP.NET 5 Console Application, we have the following default line of code in the global.json file.

      "sources": [ "src", "test" ]  

Here src represents the folder that contains all the project’s files that contain the source code that make up our application.

Step III

Now we will write some program code to test the application. So for this program we will write a simple program to display the counting table. Let’s see how we write this code in the Program.cs file.

    using System;   
    using System.Console;   
    namespace AspNet5ConsoleAppExample  
        public class Program  
            public void Main(string[] args)  
                Console.WriteLine("\nThis is an example program written \nin ASP.NET 5 !");  
                ShowCountingTable(1, 100);  
            //A program code to print 1-100  
            private void ShowCountingTable(int startPont, int endPoint)  
                int i = startPont;    
                int symbolCount = 0;  
                while (startPont <= endPoint)  
                    if (symbolCount <= 10)  
                        Write(startPont + "\t");  
                        if (symbolCount == 10)  
                            symbolCount = 0;  

Step IV

Now execute the application to see the output. After successful execution we will see the following output.

Output Window



Cheap And Reliable Hosting :: Cheap And Reliable ASP.NET ASPHostPortal Vs SmarterASP.NET

Find the  cheap and reliable ASP.NET Hosting company is not easy , therefore we need to compare prices, features of several hosting providers before choosing a cheap and reliable hosting.

We know that finding a cheap and reliable hosting is not an easy task and it is very important for your web application . because it is here we will compare the two hosting providers that ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET , we decided to write a review about them . We will analyze the price , the features of hosting , technical support , and also the speed of the server .

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Without high-quality web hosting, your ability to run a successful website is going to be seriously hindered. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to choose a web hosting provider at random. If there’s a situation that calls for some thought, consideration and research, choosing a web hosting provider is it. There’s a dizzying array of web hosting providers competing for your business. How can you pinpoint the best one? Start by keeping the following points in mind.

Technical Specifications

  • The first thing you need to do when shopping for a webhost is to evaluate your disk space and bandwidth needs. If your site will feature a lot of graphics, dozens of pages and get a lot of traffic, you’re going to need decent amounts of bandwidth and disk space. Unlimited plans are available, and they make life easier. If your site is going to be simple and not generate a huge amount of traffic, you should be able to get away with smaller amounts of disk space and bandwidth.

Get a Feel for Pricing & Value

  • Some people choose web hosting providers strictly based on price. That’s not a great strategy, but you should definitely take pricing into consideration. The best providers offer options for every budget. In some cases, signing up for long subscriptions will qualify you for extra discounts.

Always Investigate Support and Customer Service

  • Even if you’re a whiz at setting up websites, it’s nice to know that help is available whenever you need it. Confirm that the web hosting provider has 24/7 support. Make sure that there are several ways to get support too. The most reliable providers provide support through email, phone and online chat.

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting Features

ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET include latest versions of Windows server, MSSQL, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and some other advanced Microsoft technologies. To know their strength clearly, we list the main features in the following table.

[pricingtable id=’364′ ]

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET Plan

ASPHostPortal offers 4 shared hosting plan named Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three and most of clients start from their Host One plan. The prices of plans start from $1.00/month, $5.00/month, $9.00/month, and $14.00/month.

In other hand, SmarterASP.NET has 3 ASP.NET shared hosting packages named Basic, Advance, and Premium which start from $2.95/month, $4.95/month, and $7.95/month. If we compare the price, they are almost same in price and they are windows hosting provider that offer affordable ASP.NET hosting solution.

Both of them also offers money back guarantee if customers don’t satisfy with their services. ASPHostPortal guarantees 30 days money back guarantee and SmarterASP.NET has 60 days money back guarantee.


Both ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET are great ASP.NET hosting solution. For features, they offer rich features, for pricing and money back policy, SmarterASP.NET offer advantages than ASPHostPortal. But, if you are webmasters that require high speed, than ASPHostPortal is the best option because ASPHostPortal a Microsoft Golden hosting partner has been offering well priced Windows and ASP.NET hosting plans for many years. The company also offers low priced enterprise-level hosting plans by focusing their resources on needs by ASP.NET Windows’s developers. ASPHostPortal is to offer the best web hosting value to their clients by offering products and solution in an efficient and effective way.


Cheap And Reliable Windows Hosting Awards 2014

What’s Windows Hosting?

Windows hosting is currently a fast growing choice for many companies. With windows hosting, you can use many different technologies such as ASP.NET , ASP, PHP, Python and more. Many people think they need to get Windows hosting because their computer is Windows. But that’s not the case. Windows hosting doesn’t relate to what kind of desktop you’re using. You can be using Mac or Linux and still use windows hosting. Unlike Linux hosting, Windows Hosting is far more flexible and easy to handle. One of the biggest advantages of Windows hosting vs. Linux hosting is its ability to run classic ASP or .NET scripts. These languages are very powerful and are becoming more and more popular.

To choose the best Windows hosting for your websites, we recommend you going with the following best Windows hosting which have been tested and proven by our Microsoft professionals.

RankWeb Host CompanyBasic featuresAdvance features
Price $1/Mo1 Websites
 retgASPHostPortal.com1 GB Disk SpaceUnlimited MS Access
10 GB Bandwidth30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited SubDomains
Price $1.29/Mo1 Domain
 Untitledhostmantis.com1 GB Disk Space 2 MSSQL Databases
5 GB bandwidth30-Days Money Back Guarantee
5 SubDomains
 Price $7.99/MoFree 1 Domain
 jgjiapollohosting.comUnlimited Disk Space My SQL SERVER
Unlimited bandwidth30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited SubDomains

Reason why you choose them?



This hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime.


This Hosting gives out all the convenience to their customer to manage the server easily.  chooses Plesk Control Panel as the Windows ASP.NET web hosting control panel.


Their Hosting Expert Support Team is very friendly. Feel free to ask all your problems to them. They are always ready to help you 24/7/365


It goes without saying that your data is important to you, and take that premise very seriously do everything  can to keep your data safe.

Microsoft Windows is a popular operating system than can run on web hosting servers. Due to its higher licensing expenses, most users will host a website with a web host that runs Linux or Unix. However, Windows web hosting does have certain advantages over Unix and certain users may need to sign up with a windows web host. Primarily, any website or web application that uses ASP will need a Windows web host. Windows web hosting provides Windows-based server environment, which will give you the ability to explorer the power of latest Microsoft web technology, such as for dynamic content and MSSQL for database centralized tasks, etc