Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: 10 Tips on how to Protect Your Website from Hackers | Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET hosting. If you are working as a website developer, you must be aware of website security threats and hacking. You can protect your websites from the attacks of hackers by following certain measures of security. This piece of writing is going to provide you with some common and effectual ways of slowing down the attacks of hackers who use injection attack methods and other hacking measures to steal your confidential information. If you want to know how to protect your website from hackers, then this article is a must read for you!

Best Tips on Protecting your Website from Hackers 

Read on to know the top 10 tips which are surely going to assist you in protecting your website from hackers. The following measures can be taken:
Keep Your Software Updated
You need to make sure that your software is updated and your website security is working efficiently. This is applied to operating systems or any other software that you might be running on your site like any forum of content management system. If safety holes are found out in your website software, it means hackers can easily make an attempt to abuse your website information. So, keep your website software up to date all the time.
Information Given in Error Messages
It is really important that you be really careful regarding how much information you provide in the error messages of your website. For instance, in case your website has a login form, then you must think of the language in order to communicate the failure of login attempts. It is beneficial if you create generic messages just like “Incorrect password and username” and never specify if the user has got some part of the whole query accurate.
Change Admin Username
There are a lot of hackers out there who try to obtain your website’s password by trying out your admin username. Therefore, it is really important that you change the default admin username at first because it might create some privacy issues for you later on. Changing your user admin name to something else would certainly protect your website from hackers. The process of changing your admin username is very simple. If you created you site using WordPress, you can refer to this article to change your WordPress username and password for higher security.

Never Allow Uploading Files
When you permit users to upload their files to your site, it can cause a big security risk. The files that are uploaded might look innocent but they may contain such script which might open up your website when executed on the web server. You must treat every file with suspicion in case you have a form of file upload in your website.
Avoid Easy Passwords
Most of the people think why hackers would hack their account. These are the people who become the victims most often and are attacked by the hackers. Therefore, you must not throw a bone in front of hackers by choosing a simple password for the admin area of your website. Avoid keeping such passwords which contain your name and other easy information associated with you. It is better if you choose complicated passwords which have numbers, symbols and characters mixed together
Utilize a Safe Connection
You must use powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for data protection. This way, you are able to ensure your customers that your website is very much safe and secure to be used. Therefore, it is really significant that you utilize SSL certificates for the authentication of your business identity among your clients. This way, you are able to protect your customers and your company from getting into any kind of inconvenience.
Never Store Sensitive Information
You do not have to store the customer records specifically their credit card information, card verification codes, and expiration dates. The experts suggest that you must store a minimal data for preventing any sort of future problem. The risks which are associated with the breach of this rule are much greater as compared with that of the convenience for your business customers. When you will not have anything, hackers will not have anything to steal too.
Employ verification System
If you want to protect your data from getting stolen, then enabling a verification system for your address will definitely work out. You need to ask for the verification value of the card for all the transactions carried out with credit cards in order to reduce any sort of fraudulent activities.
Set up Alerts
It is important to maintain alerts for suspicious transactions which are coming from one IP address again and again. Furthermore, you have to set up alerts for orders which are placed for multiple times by the same individual through variant phone numbers, credit cards which belong to different areas.

Layer up Your Website Security

You must layer up your website’s security in order to maintain safe business environment. You can start your work with firewalls, which is the most important aspect that plays a significant role in restricting the attackers from breaking your network and get an access to your sensitive information. You must add an additional protection layer to your applications like login boxes, contact forms and search queries too.