Cheap and Reliable Kentico 8.2 Hosting :: Best and Cheap Kentico 8.2 Hosting in USA | Cheap and Reliable Kentico 8.2 hosting. Kentico is an integrated marketing solution for digital agencies that feature an easy-to-use web content management solution. It is an e-commerce solution that makes the management of online stores seems like a piece of cake, and allows you to easily manage complex multi-channel marketing. Apart from that, Kentico also allows you to disperse your information correctly to the right people and also connect your employees together.

It seems that Kentico is a great tool for e-marketing, but is it true? In the following, we’d like to make a Kentico review to help you know this tool better.

Ease of use

Running on the ASP.NET hosting platform, the software is easy to download and use. You can download a free trial version to test the software on your computer for your preferences as well as test the software on Kentico servers to see it working. If you still find it difficult, then you can schedule a live 1-on-1 demo of the product on the Kentico website.

Also, you can ask all the questions you want from an experienced Kentico consultant. There are also weekly webinars held where you can see the product in action and also have your questions answered. The registration for these is free.


kentico review securityKentico provides a secure platform for your online presence. It has a high level of security and supports several authentication methods. As the administrator of the interface, you can manage the different user accounts. You also have the authority to grant and revoke permissions on different modules to the users, and also assign a user their role. You can assign a pre-defined role available in Kentico or create the customized roles defined by the parameters.

Kentico provides highly granular permissions for managing content. The content made available to the website readers can also be personalized based on these permissions. It also offers the feature of a double opt-in registration where the readers have to confirm the registration by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail.


kentico review seoThe websites built using Kentico software are search engine optimized and can easily be indexed by search engines; therefore can be ranked higher in a search result that consequently helps in bringing more traffic to your site.

You can control the metadata of your page by entering your keywords and description, overriding the automated data provided by the software. This feature, editable and automated metadata, also provides user-friendly URLs for all your pages that help you see where the page might fall in the content tree. These URLs are customizable according to your needs and preferences.

The software also generates a list in XML of accessible URLs for your website according to the Google SiteMap format that helps the search engine in indexing your website. Features of the software also help you fulfill all standard SEO requirements and make sure that your code is compliant with all the necessary standards and requirements, like XHTML 1.0 specification.


Kentico is popular worldwide. Since its inception in Brno, Czech Republic, in 2004 the company has opened offices in the US, UK and Australia. With over 1100 partners, Kentico has been named as the fastest growing company in the field of technology in the Deloitte Fast 50 contest in Czech Republic.

This software has also received the Red Herring 100 Europe Award, the DevPro Connections Community Choice Award 2013 for the Best Content Management System, as well as the IT Product of the Year Award. Kentico is most popular in the business community and widely used there than in any other field.


kentico review customization and themesThe software provides various features for the customization of your website to suit your needs. It allows you to customize the user interface to reflect the role of the user. This means a particular user or visitor of the website may see it differently because they may not have the same access permissions.

The software can also be customized according to who is using it, i.e. the webmasters. There are also various themes available that you can choose from to make the final product aesthetically pleasing to visitors.

Plug-ins/ Add-ons

There are various plugins and add-ons available on the Kentico marketplace catering to specific solutions. These are free-of-cost options or some ones that at a certain price posted by the developer. For example, the E-CommerceLogic Address Management plugin allows you to manage the billing and shipping addresses of your products.


kentico review popularityKentico powers more than 18,000 websites in 90 different countries catering to their specific needs. Some of the major brands using Kentico include Samsung, Microsoft, Novartis and Brussels Airlines. This software comes highly recommended by some major lead developers, businessmen and companies.

It is your solution to all your major and minor marketing problems. Also, it is applicable in any field – agriculture, E-commerce, education, entertainment, Government, healthcare, non-profit, technology or travel and tourism. It is your all-in-one global marketing solution.

In this case, many hosting companies fall over each other to release Kentico hosting services to draw people’s attention so that it seems difficult to make a judgment among thousands of options. Here, we pick out three of the most popular companies, including ASPHostPortal, DiscountService, and HostForLife, who offer outstanding Kentico hosting, and make a comprehensive introduction of them one by one. Let’s reveal the secrets together.

Best Recommendation Hosting Company

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Overall, the software is a must-have for businesses and entrepreneurs to help manage their businesses. It is an integrated solution that helps you maintain your client-base, develop a relationship with your employees, exchange ideas, create a user-friendly environment for healthy interaction and keep track of everything you require. The most important thing this software helps you achieve is to save your time in amounts. And in business, time is money. And in the case that Kentico is your best choice. Announces Fast Kentico 8.2 Hosting Solution

Supported by professional teams, ASPHostPortal has been gaining more and more user’s recognition. It offers 4 main packages with different prices. All the packages include large bandwith, large disk space, latest ASP.NET technology, free data backups, uptime guarantee, dedicated application pool and much more. Today, they launch Kentico 8.2 hosting with superior technology and affordable price.

Kentico CMS is a web content management system (WCMS) for building web sites, on-line stores, intranets and Web 2.0 community sites. Kentico is being used by more than 16,000 Web sites in 90 countries. Kentico CMS utilizes ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Kentico allows development via its portal engine or using Visual Studio. Kentico is also compatible with Microsoft Windows Azure Platform.

Kentico 8.2 featuring several new collaboration and ecommerce enhancements that make launching and managing digital marketing campaigns faster and easier than ever. The latest product enhancements include:

Bi-Directional SharePoint Synchronization
all changes made in Kentico will be made automatically on the SharePoint server. Just point and share the files are always up to date, and everyone has the latest versions.

Easy Shipping Calculations
Everyone can now easily create a shipping module (and reuse for other projects) that presents all the tools that need to calculate shipping costs in custom user interface.

Enhanced Contact Management
Everyone can easily import Contacts from a CSV file, segment them, and leverage them in the system.

With more than 1 million followers, ASPHostPortal is an expert in the hosting market. They provides Kentico 8.2 Hosting only from $5/month with 30 days money back guarantee. In addition, ASPHostPortal has been awarded as one of the fastest hosting companies in the industry because of the good hosting performance this web host provides. To provide fast hosting speed, this company utilizes 6 state-of-the-art data centers located on the USA, Netherlands, Singapore, France, United Kingdom and Australia. To learn more about Kentico 8.2 Hosting, please visit

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