Top Cheap DotnetNuke 8.0.3 Hosting Provider

DotnetNuke 8.0.3 Hosting Provider

As an open source web content management system, DotNetNuke (DNN) is widely used by enterprises across the world on Microsoft ASP.NET platform. Many organizations even use it to create a variety of rich websites. It is developed. DNN further provides a set of innovative tools that can be used from a web browser to build rich web applications.

Each organization also has option to choose from the paid as well as free version of DotNetNuke. But each version of the web content management system offers several benefits to website developers, designers and content managers. If you are yet to adopt this widely used technology to build rich web application, it is time to understand some of its prominent advantages.

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Their Plesk Control Panel will help you manage your DotNetNuke web hosting account through a web interface . Their web servers are accelerated with premium hardware that will giving your DotnetNuke websites a significant boost in performance and page load times.


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7 Reasons Why Most People Choose DotnetNuke


Advanced Features

The developers can use the powerful features of DNN to build to robust web applications within a shorter period of time. The web content management system enables them to create pages, add custom page elements, along with uploading and displaying files. They can further use the feature to customize the look, feel and appeal of a website according to specific branding requirements.

Hassle-Free Website Management

Each organization wants to manage it website without putting any extra time, money and effort. As an easy-to-use web content management system, DotNetNuke enables users to manage their websites regardless of their technical knowledge and skills. Along with creating, publishing and managing the web content, they can further use the browser-based tools to act as a webmaster without any hassle. Also, he can use the tools to carry out a variety of activities including email marketing, advertisement management, blog management, document management and user management.

Easy to Deliver Website Branding

Unlike conventional web application development frameworks, DNN allows developers to separate site design and site content. So it becomes easier for them to deliver fully customized templates according to client’s branding requirements. Further, the framework enabled programmers to add new features and functionality to the website without investing additional time and effort.

Integrate with other Applications

Most web applications, nowadays, are being integrated with third-party business applications to deliver riche user experience. As DotNetNuke is developed based on ASP.NET, it comes with many pre-made and custom modules. These modules make the platform highly extensible to be integrated smoothly with a variety of business applications. The programmers can further enhance the performance of the website by integrating GP, CRM and similar applications in the Microsoft stack of Dynamics.

Enhanced Website Speed

The speed of a website will have a major impact on the user experience. So, enterprises often explore option to optimize the website speed. DNN’s efficient code base ensures that the website delivers rich user experience by running quickly. At the same time, its portal based architecture enables users to run multiple websites on just a single DNN installation. So an organization can easily run a website and intranet at a time. The option can also be used to create individual portals for each department or unit.

Extremely Comprehensive Security

As a web content management system, DotNetNuke is comes with advanced and powerful security features. The website administrator has option to create different groups, and set permission for each group according to the required functionality and assignments. Thus, the users can be sorted into these groups according to their role and responsibility. The strong security model included in DNN further allows organizations to avoid the third-party security systems available in the market.

Higher ROI

As DotNetNuke is developed on Microsoft technologies, an organization can avoid incurring additional expenses. The platform further allows an organization to use its development tools, database servers and Windows servers. Further, a company can use the free version of DNN, and customize it to avoid purchasing custom tools. At the same time, the reduction in the cost of developing and managing the website further curtails the operational expenses. On the whole, an organization can invest in DNN to get higher returns in the longer run.

An enterprise also has option to customize DotNetNuke according to the specific requirements of a project. As its core is written in C#, it becomes much easier for programmers to write custom extensions in any of the languages supported by .NET. The open source nature of the platform further helps them in availing both central technical support and support from a large community of developers.