Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: How to Create Database in SQL Server 2008 | Cheap and Reliable SQL Server 2008 hosting. Hello friends. Today I am sharing my article about how to create databases, create tables, insert values into tables and update, delete and so on. I know this is basic information but I know this article will be helpful for all beginner students.

You need to first install .Net and then you need to install Microsoft SQL Server, any version. I have installed SQL Server 2008 .


After installation, connect to the database


create database School2;    /*School2 database name*/  
use school2;   /*use query for select database*/   
Create table Student   /* create table_Name(Student)*/  
   Batch varchar(25)not null,  
   Reg_No Varchar (25) primary key not null,  
   Course varchar(20)not null,  
   Name_ varchar(15) not null,  
   Last_Name varchar(10) not null,  
   Fahter_Name varchar(18)not null,   
   Age int not null,  
   Sex varchar(8) not null,  
   Parent_Mo_No Bigint not null,  
   Student_Mo_no Bigint not null,  
   Nationality varchar(15) not null,  
   State varchar(15) not null,  
   City varchar(15) not null,  
   Local_Address varchar(30) not null,  
   Pin_Code bigint not null,  
   Parent_Occupation varchar(15) not null,  
   Total_Rs int not null,  
   Date_ datetime  
select * from Student;    /* select * form means show all data form table*/  
insert into student values('LLB_08_2ndy','776678','LLB','alexia','anjali','mark marquest',23,'Male',9891688420,9968022717,'Indian','Bihar','Patna','Ny 26A',800001,'Gov job',90000,5/12/1986);  
insert into student values('BA_1stYear','776683','Pol Science','Rajat','Singh','Suman Singh',23,'Male',9565434560,9716157368,'Indian','Delhi','New Delhi','Mahipalpur New Delhi',110037,'Businessman',70000,5/05/2015)  
delete from Student where Student_Mo_no='9540434299'; /* Delete query use for delete insert recored form table */ 
update student set Date_ =04/04/2015 where Reg_No='776678'; /*update query use for update in existing data add new data*/  

More select query using conditional expression

select * from Student where Total_Rs=7000;     /*this quary based on search particular details using where clause...*/  
select * from Student  
where Course ='cs'     
AND Reg_No ='776679';     /*AND Operator using this quary both condition true then value will print.*/  
select * from Student  
where Last_Name ='pamelov'  
OR Reg_No='776679';      /*OR Operator using this quary if any condition will true value will print if both are true both value print.*/  
select * from student  
where State ='bihar'  
AND(Reg_No ='776678' OR Reg_No='776679');  /*this quary using both AND & OR Operator print value only AND Operator*/  

A constraint is a condition or check for an application on a field or set of fields.

  • Delete is a DML command and drop is a DDL command
  • Delete is used to delete rows from a table whereas drop is used to remove the entire table or database from the database.
  • Update is a DML command and alter is a DDL command
  • Update is used to update data in an existing table

So friends, this is a small article that will help you with “How to Create a Database in SQL Server 2008“.
Next time I will provide more interesting commands. Thank you. I Hope this is helpful for you. Enjoy, 🙂

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