Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: How did we choose the Best ASP.NET web hosting providers? | Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Hosting. Find the best ASP.NET Web Hosting company from our recommended list of good ASP.NET  web hosts below. These hosts offer good hosting plans and are feature rich.

ASPHostPortal signup


  • Best Small Business Shared Hosting                                                                                                                                                     
  • Unlimited Sites                                        
  • Windows 2008/2012
  • ASP.NET v. 5/4.5.2/4.5.1
  • 24/7/365. Technical Support.
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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  • Host 2 domains 
  • v2.0, v3.5                       
  • Supports MS SQL 2008 & 2005
  • Full Remote Delegation
  • 24/7/365. Technical Support.

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  • Best Small Business Shared Hosting 
  • Superb support                                          
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • ASP.NET v2.0/v3.5/v4.0
  • ASP.NET MVC 2.0

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  • 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support                                                                                                                                                            
  • MS Access, mySQL; MS SQL(available)
  • HELM Web Hosting Control Panel
  • 30 day money back

How did we choose the Best ASP.NET web hosting providers?

Important qualifying factors like best ASP.NET and windows hosting features, customer support and satisfaction, price factor, reliability, uptime statistics and techical support were taken into consideration. For details, please read web hosting review of each company. Review covers relevant techincal information as well as price details. Discounts and coupons, if available are listed as well. Please see our star rating as well. Better star rating indicates a better hosting company.

A Checklist for finding good ones

Are you considering moving away from your current hosting provider? Frustrated with lack of features and empty promises? Following check list may help you choose right one. Here is it.

Great Tech support:

This is the most important one in your checklist. Without quality customer support, especially tech support, you are handicapped. Make sure both customer support and tech support are great and have won good ratings (ASPHostPortal ) and reviews. Check out our hosting comparison chart above. This is a list of Top 4 ASP.NET Hosting providers.

ASP.NET features and checklist:

If you are hosting a asp.Net app, ASP .NET version is important for you. Make sure your windows web hosting provider has support for the version your app was developed in. Nowadays most of them do support v2, v3 , v3.5 , v4, v4.5 and v5 . Also check if you have support for LINQ / Silverlight etc for newer versions 3.x

Reliable Servers and Data Centers

Make sure your web hosting provider offers a good up time guarantee(99.x%). Nowadays most of them do, but you can see they fail miserably. Ensure this by reading reviews and seeing ratings. Our Top ones in the list above, offer reliable hosting. If you are hosting in USA, naturally, prefer hosting companies with data centers in USA

Other important features to consider:

Number of email accounts permitted, Dedicated Application Pools, Free ASP Components , Perl, CGI, SSI support, Streaming Audio/Video etc


These checkpoints should help you evaluate a good ASP.NET hosting company. Make sure to see our recommendations above for ASP.NET Hosting. Reviews, ratings and recommedations are covered.

Cheap and Reliable Hosting :: TOP 3 ASP.NET Hosting Companies in Europe | Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Hosting. There are really few ASP.NET hosting solution in the industry. Maintaining a reliable ASP.NET server needs more patience and skills than running a Linux server. You could host your web site developed in ASP.NET from your personal computer, provided that you have a robust broadband Internet connection, sufficient provisioning from your Internet provider for the broadband traffic that will result from access to your web site and a configured home router that will allow incoming web requests. Both Internet Information Services (IIS) and the .NET framework would have to be installed and configured on your personal computer.

Finding web hosting that matches all of your needs might sometimes seem as a difficult task. To choose the best ASP.NET hosting in Europe for your ASP.NET websites, I recommend you going with the best ASP.NET hosting as following. These days, you can sign up for web hosting services based just about anywhere in the world. But for security and peace of mind, nothing is better than knowing that a European web host is on your side. Not only do you know exactly where your web host is located, but everything is easier – transactions take place in your local currency, the support team is in your time zone (and in your language).
After reviewing hundreds of web hosting, I finally name as 2015 Best ASP.NET Hosting service providers in Europe. is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Hosting in European Continent. Our service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom,Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and many top European countries.


Why Choose ?

logo (2)HostForLIFE –  HostForLIFE receives Spotlight Status merit award for providing Recommended, Cheap & Fast ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5 Cloud Hosting from the leading technology company, Microsoft. claims to be the fastest growing Windows and ASP.NET Hosting provider in European continent. With the servers located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), caters its clients with the newest servers on Dual Xeon Processor, minimum 8 GB RAM, and the fastest 1000 Mbps connection line. All the servers are equipped with the latest Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 5.0, Silverlight 5, WebMatrix and Visual Studio Lightswitch. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of their hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on their servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level.  As one of the European ASP.NET hosting providers, HostForLIFE guarantees 99.9% uptime and quick loading speed. From € 3.00/month , HostForLIFE provides you with unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth,etc, for your website hosting needs.

For Alternative ASP.NET Hosting in Europe

1231123-Reg123-Reg is a UK based web hosting company and as the name suggests, it’s focused on offering cheap domain names. Despite this, the company does offer a wide range of web hosting plans, including email hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.The Startup Package from € 3.03/month with 1 Free domain, 1GB Diskspace, 10 Sub-Domains, FTP Access, etc. All of the 123-Reg hosting plans provide access to UK-based support and live chat support during office hours. There is also a support desk for customers which provides user guides, FAQ’s, live system status and video tutorials. There is also a 123-Reg self diagnosis tool to help solve common web site issues, plus a knowledgebase for self-help and reference.

webfusionWebfusion– Webfusion (formerly GX Networks) is a website hosting, email and domain name registrar company. It began by offering internet services to corporations and began trading under the GX name in 1997. It believed that it had developed the first transatlantic IP backbone running native ATM. Webfusion originally started out with major Network Access Points in Washington and San Jose in the US, London’s LINX and Stockholm in Europe. Starting at € 10.95 per month, GearHost offers ASP.NET hosting on the market, Webfusion offer unlimited Web Space & Traffic, unlimited email account, unlimited ftp account, etc.


Whether you’re looking to launch a web application without hiring a full IT department, or you’re in IT and you just want to be sure you can handle large traffic spikes, a cloud hosting service can help you sleep at night, knowing your latest creation is running as it should

Cheap And Reliable Hosting :: How To Convert Date From Solar to Lunar (Hijri) Using VB.NET

Today I will explain about how to convert date from solar to lunar (Hijri) Using VB.NET The Lunar (Hijri) calendar is very important for Muslims as is the Solar calendar is important because the Lunar calendar was related to some elements of worship, so I looked at many sites on the internet to understand how to calculate the age of the moon in any given day, I found many sites offering various ways and I took what I found to provide results closer to the truth.

I’ve noticed that most sites agree on the expense of the date but don’t agree on how to calculate the age of the moon and found the difference between these sites to be up to one day and when the moon’s age is 30 days, the result is zero in some sites.
In this program I calculate the approximate age of the moon in days and did not give attention to the parts of the day of the hours and minutes.

For the program to be more useful, I added a PictureBox control to display the lighted part of the moon and darkness part of the moon commensurate with the age of the moon.
There is a small probability of a one-day error for any calculation to convert a date.

Date Converter

Note: You can read Months by its name or by its number.


Best Calculation to Get Number Approximation

Private Function getInt(ByRef fNumber As Double) As Double  
    If fNumber < -0.0000001 Then  
        getInt = Math.Ceiling(fNumber - 0.0000001)  
        getInt = Math.Floor(fNumber + 0.0000001)  
    End If  
End Function

 Convert Solar Date to Lunar (Hijri) Date 

Private Sub SolarToLunar()  
    ' convert Solar year from 622 to 2500  
    Dim jd As Double  
    Dim j, L, n As Double  
    Dim d, m, y As Integer  
    Dim theDay As Integer  
    ' Solar day  
    d = Val(SolarDay.Text)  
    'get the number of Solar month  
    m = SolarMonth.SelectedIndex + 1  
    ' Solar year  
    y = Val(SolarYear.Text)  
    If (y > 1582) Or ((y = 1582) And (m > 10)) Or ((y = 1582) And (m = 10) And (d > 14)) Then  
            jd = getInt((1461 * (y + 4800 + getInt((m - 14) / 12))) / 4) + getInt((367 * (m - 2 - 12 * (getInt((m - 14) / 12)))) / 12) - getInt((3 * (getInt((y + 4900 + getInt((m - 14) / 12)) / 100))) / 4) + d - 32075  
            jd = 367 * y - getInt((7 * (y + 5001 + getInt((m - 9) / 7))) / 4) + getInt((275 * m) / 9) + d + 1729777  
        End If  
        ' Solar year >= 622  
        If jd < 1948440 Then  
            Exit Sub  
        End If  
        ' Solar year <= 2500  
        If jd > 2621734 Then  
            Exit Sub  
        End If  
        'day of the week  
        theDay = jd Mod 7  
        lblDay.Text = WeekDays(theDay)  
        L = jd - 1948440 + 10632  
        n = getInt((L - 1) / 10631)  
        L = L - 10631 * n + 354  
        j = (getInt((10985 - L) / 5316)) * (getInt((50 * L) / 17719)) + (getInt(L / 5670)) * (getInt((43 * L) / 15238))  
        L = L - (getInt((30 - j) / 15)) * (getInt((17719 * j) / 50)) - (getInt(j / 16)) * (getInt((15238 * j) / 43)) + 29  
        m = Int(getInt((24 * L) / 709))  
        d = Int(L - getInt((709 * m) / 24))  
        y = Int(30 * n + j - 30)  
        ' display Lunar date  
        LunarDay.Text = Str(d)  
        LunarMonth.Text = LunarMonths(m - 1)  
        LunarYear.Text = Str(y)  
    If d = 1 Then  
        lblAge.Text = Str(d) & " day"  
        lblAge.Text = Str(d) & " days"  
    End If  
End Sub  

 Convert Lunar (Hijri) Date to Solar Date

Private Sub LunarToSolar()  
    ' convert Lunar year from 1 to 1900  
    Dim jd As Double  
    Dim i, j, k, L, n As Double  
    Dim d, m, y As Integer  
    Dim theDay As Integer  
    ' Lunar day  
    d = Val(LunarDay.Text)  
    If d = 1 Then  
        lblAge.Text = Str(d) & " day"  
        lblAge.Text = Str(d) & " days"  
    End If  
    'get the number of Lunar month  
    m = LunarMonth.SelectedIndex + 1  
    ' Lunar year  
    y = Val(LunarYear.Text)  
    jd = getInt((11 * y + 3) / 30) + 354 * y + 30 * m - getInt((m - 1) / 2) + d + 1948440 - 385  
    'day of the week  
    theDay = jd Mod 7  
    lblDay.Text = WeekDays(theDay)  
    If jd > 2299160 Then  
        L = jd + 68569  
        n = getInt((4 * L) / 146097)  
        L = L - getInt((146097 * n + 3) / 4)  
        i = getInt((4000 * (L + 1)) / 1461001)  
        L = L - getInt((1461 * i) / 4) + 31  
        j = getInt((80 * L) / 2447)  
        d = Int(L - getInt((2447 * j) / 80))  
        L = getInt(j / 11)  
        m = Int(j + 2 - 12 * L)  
        y = Int(100 * (n - 49) + i + L)  
        j = jd + 1402  
        k = getInt((j - 1) / 1461)  
        L = j - 1461 * k  
        n = getInt((L - 1) / 365) - getInt(L / 1461)  
        i = L - 365 * n + 30  
        j = getInt((80 * i) / 2447)  
        d = Int(i - getInt((2447 * j) / 80))  
    i = getInt(j / 11)  
        m = Int(j + 2 - 12 * i)  
        y = Int(4 * k + n + i - 4716)  
    End If  
    ' display Solar date  
    SolarDay.Text = Str(d)  
    SolarMonth.Text = SolarMonths(m - 1)  
    SolarYear.Text = Str(y)  
End Sub  

 Draw the Moon at Selected Date

Private Sub ShowMoonPhase()  
    Dim ag As Integer = Val(LunarDay.Text)  
    Dim Phase As Double = ag / 29.530588853  
    Dim Xpos, Ypos, Rpos As Integer  
    Dim Xpos1, Xpos2 As Integer  
    Me.ClearDraw() 'clear PicMoon PictureBox  
    ' Width of 'ImageToDraw' Object = Width of 'PicMoon' control  
    Dim PageWidth As Integer = Me.MoonShape.Width  
    ' Height of 'ImageToDraw' Object = Height of 'PicMoon' control  
    Dim PageHeight As Integer = Me.MoonShape.Height  
    ' Initiate 'ImageToDraw' Object with size = size of control 'PicMoon' control  
    Dim ImageToDraw As Bitmap = New Bitmap(PageWidth, PageHeight)  
    'Create graphics object for alteration.  
    Dim newGraphics As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(ImageToDraw)  
    Dim PenW As Pen = New Pen(Color.White) ' For lighted part of the moon  
    Dim PenB As Pen = New Pen(Color.Black) ' For darkness part of the moon  
    For Ypos = 0 To 45  
        Xpos = Int(Math.Sqrt(45 * 45 - Ypos * Ypos))  
        ' Draw darkness part of the moon  
        Dim pB1 As Point = New Point(90 - Xpos, Ypos + 90)  
        Dim pB2 As Point = New Point(Xpos + 90, Ypos + 90)  
        Dim pB3 As Point = New Point(90 - Xpos, 90 - Ypos)  
        Dim pB4 As Point = New Point(Xpos + 90, 90 - Ypos)  
        newGraphics.DrawLine(PenW, pB1, pB2)  
        newGraphics.DrawLine(PenW, pB3, pB4)  
        ' Determine the edges of the lighted part of the moon  
        Rpos = 2 * Xpos  
        If (Phase < 0.5) Then  
            Xpos1 = -Xpos  
            Xpos2 = Int(Rpos - 2 * Phase * Rpos - Xpos)  
            Xpos1 = Xpos  
            Xpos2 = Int(Xpos - 2 * Phase * Rpos + Rpos)  
        End If  
        ' Draw the lighted part of the moon  
        Dim pW1 As Point = New Point(Xpos1 + 90, 90 - Ypos)  
        Dim pW2 As Point = New Point(Xpos2 + 90, 90 - Ypos)  
        Dim pW3 As Point = New Point(Xpos1 + 90, Ypos + 90)  
        Dim pW4 As Point = New Point(Xpos2 + 90, Ypos + 90)  
        newGraphics.DrawLine(PenB, pW1, pW2)  
        newGraphics.DrawLine(PenB, pW3, pW4)  
    ' Display the bitmap in the picture box.  
    Me.MoonShape.Image = ImageToDraw  
    ' Release graphics object  
    ImageToDraw = Nothing  
End Sub